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Does child support stop at age 18 in Missouri?

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2014-05-14 15:42:06

It all depends. If a child reaches the age of 18 but enrolls in

a higher education program or vocational school by Oct 1 after

graduation of high school and attends at least 12 credit hours per

semester then the answer is no. Child support continues until the

age of 21.

If the child dies, marries, is self supporting and has been

released from parental control by the parent who has custody, joins

the military, fails to enroll in a higher education program and/or

doesn't maintain passing grades in order to complete the caseload

then child support should be terminated. One has to petition the

courts in order for that to happen. Forms can be found at the site

in the Related Links. It is always best to obtain an attorney to

protect your rights and advise you on how to proceed.

Also be very leary of Missouri Child Support enforcement. Keep

your own payment records and copies to prove how much you have paid

and when because MCSE has a long and strong history of taking more

money than they should, sloppy record keeping, and not terminating

the child support order when it should have been terminated. They

also have a habit of saying the absent parent owes more arrearages

than they actually do and keep on taking it long after it has been

paid. It is up to you to prove they are wrong so keep all records

of payments, payment amounts, dates payments were made etc. and the

totals and proof of how much they claimed you owed. It can take

years to get it to stop even though it has all been paid. The

person responsible for paying back the money that was over paid is

the person receiving the child support money. In other words,

you'll never get a penny of it back. We are out $9000. Please get

an attorney because they will and do steal you blind.

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