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No, but as soon as he reaches what the state of residency considers legal age he will. Depending on state laws he may also be obligated to pay any back child support award.

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Q: If a father is under 18 does he still have to pay child support?
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If a child drops out of high school in Ontario under the age of 18 does the father still have to pay child support?


If a child is adopted by stepfather does biological father still pay child support?

The biological father may only stop paying child support under one of the following four circumstances: Death of the child; the child turns 18 and decides not to pursue higher education; the child quits or graduates higher education; or the biological father is found not to be the "true" father. So, if a stepfather adopts them, more than likely, the biological will still be responsible for child support.

How can you help your father get off child support if your under age?

You can't. Child support is court ordered and family services handles payments. The money is to support children your father has produced. It is his obligation to pay the support.

Can a grandparent keep child support after a child moves out in CO?

The child support goes to the one who have custody. If the grandparent still do and the child has just moved out temporarily, they will still get it. If the child is under 18 and has moved they also still get it unless the child is emancipated. If the child is 18 the child support generally end but it depends on the state laws and/or what you have written in the child support agreement.

What can be done after the alleged father of a child paying child support find out he not the father?

Under UK Child Support law, if he has paid through the CSA then he would get a full refund. If he has paid under a voluntary agreement then he would have to make a claim in a county court.

Does the father have to pay child support if the child get his GED in WI?

No unless the child is under the age of 18!! In any state!

In state of Texas does the father pay child support for a child in college?

No unless the child is under 18 or it has been previously agreed upon in a decree. Texas does not have child support for adults in college.

Does a debtor still have to pay child support under chapter 7?

YES! Child support can not be removed even when filing Chapter 7.

Do you still have to pay child support if your child is under the age of majority but working full time?


Do you still pay child support if the child has a child and does not live with the mother?

Generally, if the child is still under the age of 18 you will still have to pay child support. However, there are generally provisions allowing you to re-evaluate child support amount and payments. Talk to the mother, and see if you can settle something out of court. However, if you have a legal binding document saying you have to pay, then you still have to pay.

Can the father relinquish parental rights and not pay child support?

You can relinquish parental rights, but it does not absolve you of paying child support. When you relinquish your rights as a father, you are still a parent under the eyes of the law. You may also want to consider who's best being served by you removing yourself from your child's life just so as not to have to help raise him or her.

Do you still have to pay child support if my child is in trade school?

Yes. Child support in most states makes you obligated to pay until your child is 18, or graduates from high school. If your child is under 18 and in trade school, you still have to pay.

Can a mother move out of state without telling father especially if father is paying child support?

Well, if he's paying child support, that means she has custody of at least one child who is under 18. So, by law, no, it is illegal for the mother to move out of state without telling the father.

Do you have to pay child support if your child has a child and goes to college?

Yes as long as your under 20 its the law you have to until you turn 21 or you already support yourself as in moved out and not living with your mother or father.

Am I legally responsible to still pay child support for my daughter once my daughter has her own child in Florida?

Yes, as long as she is under the age limit for child support you are still liable, even if hs has children of her own.

Can a mother in nh move to another state with under age child?

Yes, but if the father have court ordered visitation and pay child support she will need his and the courts permission to move. The court orders still have to work.

Your deceased exhusband never paid child support can you get it from his social security?

Only if the child is still under 18.

Do father have to pay child support if child lives on their own with boyfriend?

Typically child support is only paid if the child is under the age of 18. Until that age they are not considered an adult and are supposed to live where the parents tell them to. There are laws that provide for child support for those in college.

If a child of legal age still receives child support is that child still considered a minor Assuming the child is in New York where child support ends at 21?

This is an area of interpretation. The child remains under the authority of the court as long as the obligation for support continues, so does this extend to all aspects of the order. I came across a question earlier by a father whose 18 year old daughter wants to live with him in New York. Since she's of the age of majority, does the court have jurisdiction to decide custody, and thus switch the obligation for paying child support from the father to the mother? In that case, the court did accept the motion to change custody, so the issue is being addressed as if the girl was under age 18.

Can a parent charge child rent and sill gets child support?

Yes, a parent can charge rent and still get child support. However, this is only legal if the child is under eighteen years of age.

When a child goes to college do you still have to pay child support in Florida?

Not under the provisions of the law. see links below

If your a under age mother and the father is under age how can you get child support?

I suggest that you contact your State's child support agency. When you get an interview with them, bring all the papers relating to your child support: birth certificates, acknowledgments of paternity, court orders, payment records, etc. Be polite but persistent. Good luck!

Does a father need to pay child support to the mother if the child does not live with her?

A parent must obey the child support order. A custodial parent may be serving in the military with the child under temporary guardianship. That is no reason to stop paying child support. If the child isn't living with the custodial parent who is receiving child support the matter must be brought before the court.

In the state of Georgia if father of the child wants all rights terminated is he still liable for child support?

Yes. see linksAns 2.The father has the option to waive his rights if he wants to, and if he can convince the judge that he is sane, sober and not under coercion as he does so.This has nothing at all to do with child support, which is not his right, but his responsibility. In general the mother can't waive child support either, because support is her child's right, not hers.THAT IS CORRECT.....unless the child's mother has re-married and her husband wants to adopt this child, that would release the biological father from paying child support.

If your a under age mother and the father is an older adult how can you get child support?

The age of the parents has no bearing on child support. All the State cares about is who are the biological parents, who has custody, and how much money does each parent make. You get child support by filing a child support case with the Attorney General's office in your state.