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In short, No. Coal comes in the middle of the pack when fuels are compared. Propane produces 21500 BTU per pound, Gasoline 17500 BTU per pound, Coal between 12,000 BTU per pound (Anthracite) to 10,000 BTU per pound (Bituminous) and wood (dried) 7000 BTU or so. On the other hand, Coal can be converted to Gasoline using a process developed during WWII, or to Methane (modern) or to "Town Gas", a mixture of Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide.

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What is the process of generating electricity from coal?

burn it and it give off heat which is transferred into energy

What type of energy is given off by burning coal?

when burning coal it gives off heat energy

What gives off more energy Anthracite coal or bituminous coal?

Anthracite coal, it insulates the heat energy better and has more light energy when lit.

Why most reactions are exothermic?

Most reactions give off energy. They don't usually use energy

What to do if a coal catches up a fire?

if a piece of coal catches fire while cooking, turn off the propane. If you dont turn off the propane. it will give it more energy to the fire. And your bbq will blow up.

Where did the energy in coal originate?

Not sure if this will answer your question, but I'll give it a shot. It's less about the fact that is is coal and more about the fact that coal gives off heat. When coal was first being used as a heat source, it was cheaper than wood and there was a lot of it. So really the origin of the energy is in the heat that the coal generates when on fire and less about the coal itself.

When does the sun give off the most energy?

every second.

Which fuel gives off the most energy if one gram is burned out of coal natural gas or oil?

Natural gas, it gives off 55kj per gram whereas coal gives off 30kj and oil 45kj.

How does a coal-fired power station work?

A coal-fired power station works by burning coal to give off heat, which heats water and produces steam. The steam is then used to push generator turbines; which generate energy.

What energy does the infrared light give off?

Infrared light doesn't "give off" energy; in this case, it IS the energy.

How is coal used as energy?

Coal is burned and the energy is created from the heat of the coal burning and is collected and used and it gives off more energy than other things like peanuts for example. And coal is used for electricity and also heating homes in some places.

How much energy does the sun give off?

how much energy does the sun give off in a day?

What type of energy do you give off when you run a marathon?

you give off calary and diet energy

What does coal give off?

it gives of carbon dioxide when it is burned

What fuels give out pollution when they are burned?

Any fossil fuels give off pollution, for example, coal and slag (a by-product of burning coal).

Does the sun give off solar energy?

Yes the sun does give off solar energy. It also gives off heat and light energy.

Do mitochondria give off ATP and energy?

ATP is generated in the mitochondria. They do not give off energy as such.They stores energy in ATP. This energy is used for biological activities

Does nuclear energy give off carbon dioxide?

No, Nuclear energy doesnot give off Carbon dioxide.

What is an energy source?

An energy source is something that gives off energy. Such as sun, wind, water, coal. Sun is important in producing solar energy, wind is important for wind energy, Water for hydroelectric power And coal for thermal power.

Does a gas give off energy or absorb energy when it turns into a liquid?

It gives off energy

When a liquid turns solid does it give off energy or take in energy?

It gives off energy.

What types of energy does a computer give off?

Computers give off mostly heat, but also give off magnetism in the form of radio waves. Plus their displays give off light energy and the speakers give off sound waves. The fans inside create kinetic energy.

What group of atoms give off the most energy when they gain an electron?

Group 17, halogens

What are elements that give off a form of atomic energy?

Radioactive elements give off atomic energy by spontaneous decay.Fissionable elements give off atomic energy by fissioning when struck by neutrons.Fusible elements give off atomic energy by thermonuclear fusion at very high temperature and pressure.

What kind of energy does combustion give of off?

what energy does combustion give off <---- that answer fails that is the same as the question. It gives off heat and light B)