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Supposedly it does. Dark colors are said to absorb heat, since black absorbs all light energy, while light colors are said to reflect heat, since white reflects light energy.

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Q: Does color affect temperature
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What affect does color have on temperature?

Color changes the temperature of an object.

How does the color red affect temperature?

it is a warm color, therefore it affects warm temperature. it is a warm color, therefore it affects warm temperature.

Does the color of the cup affect the temperature of the water?


How does a color of a fabric affect its temperature?

If the fabric color is dark then it absorb heat from the sun and the fabric's temperature will rise.

Does paint color affect the temperature of a pool?

Yes, it does.

Does temperature affect the drying time and color of paint?

no it is not true

Does the color of your shirt affect your body temperature?

no but the material and the mass of the shirt does

How the color can affect a room in apparent temperature?

noo, so shh!(:

What affects the colour of a flower?

Temperature and humidity affect the color of a flower

What does the color of soil affect temperature?

the phoases in the soil makes the moonarik in the air increase temperature by 13.0303274%

How does the temperature effect the color of a cup of water in a white cup?

Temperature does not affect the colour of water. It just affects its state.

How does water affect the temperature of the earth?

The color of the water is dark, therefore, it absorbs the sun's rays.

Do you have any ideas for scientific investigations for middle school students?

How does the temperature of the air affect the diameter of a balloon?How does acid affect the rate of chemical weathering of a rock?At what temperature does a pine cone open?How does the color of a house affect its internal temperature?What are the factors affecting the popped/unpopped ratio of popcorn kernals?What color light do plants grow best under?How does skipping breakfast affect short-term memory?

How could a dark color affect a solar oven's temperature?

Dark colors absorb more light than lighter colors, so a dark color would make the temperature higher.

Does color affect water temperature?

Color of what? If it's water, then it's not pure water, and it probably affects the rate of absorption of radiation from the sun.

Star differs in color depending upon their?

age and shape Chiefly depending on their temperature and size. The age can affect these, but it not the cause of the color change itself.

Does temperature affect a magnet?

temperature does not affect the magnet.

How does temperature affect altitude?

Temperature does not affect altitude, altitude affects temperature.

How does temperature affect the color of a flame?

With fire or flames, when the temperature reaches higher degrees it begins to burn white. Less "hot" flames will burn orange.

How does earths water and land temperature affect the weather?

The color of the water is dark, therefore, it absorbs the sun's rays.

Does the color of cream cheese affect people's perception of the taste?

how do color affect people how do color affect people

Can color affect your memory?

Yes, color can affect your memory.

Does temperature affect pH level in the vagina?

Temperature does not affect pH.

How does the temperature affect the color of the star?

More the temperature of star more it is shifted toward blue end in spectrum and if we decreases the temp color of star directed towards red end on increasing temperature of body, color changes gradually from red to orange, orange to yellow, yellow to green, green to blue, blue to violet

Does temperature affect the color of water?

Color effects temperature because light is absorbed and reflected based on an object's surface color, black absorbes more heat because it is a darker color and has less albedo (closer to 0) unlike white which is closer to 1.albedo- A fraction of light that is reflected by a body or surface.