Does corsa 1.2 v reg 2000 model have cambelt or chain?

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I believe that the 1.2 Corsa engine swapped to a chain driven cam with the move to the 'latest shape' cars - usually Y registration and onwards. A 2000 Corsa is the previous model and will, I reckon, have the belt driven cam. So, it's 4year/40,000 mile belt changes under vauxhall's latest recommendations.
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Where is the thermostat located on a Vauxhall Corsa R reg?

Answer . Thermostat housing is inside cambelt cover,follow large rubber hose from radiator to the outlet stub pipe as it protrudes from the cover.You can't see much of the actual housing before the cambelt cover comes off.. New Answer . Take a tip and save money and time.If you have to replac ( Full Answer )

P reg corsa overheating?

Answer could be several things,blocking radiator,cylinder head gasket,coolant low due to leaks etc.If no obvious leaks best thing to start with is the thermostat which may be sticking shut.As the thermostat access requires cambelt removal on some corsas,its best to combine the thermo job with a bel ( Full Answer )

How do you adjust the handbrake on an 03 reg corsa?

Answer . \nThere is a hexagon nut on the compensator yoke,this is where the cable meet near the axle.\nThe manual calls for you to pull the handbrake on 4 clicks,then adjust the nut,checking the rear wheels until you can just rotate them by hand.\nYou should now really remove the rear drums and ( Full Answer )

How do you fit cam belt on Renault clio 1.2 v reg?

Loosen the timing belt adjustment pulley located on the side of theengine. When the pulley creates enough slack slide the new beltonto the cams. Make sure the cams are aligned correctly.

Corsa sxi -y reg -location of oil filter?

You are not looking for a stsndard spin on filter This vehicle is fitted with an Eco filter located on the front of the engine block you need to look for a black domed fitting with aprox 27mm hexagon fitting the oil filter is in there DO NOT overtighten when refitting.

Where are the Timing marks for corsa 1.2 2001?

The timing marks on the camshaft sprockets must be directly opposite each other, and aligned with the top edge of the cylinder head. Taken from the Haynes manual Corsa 2000 2003. Hope this helps

Does Kia Sedona have cambelt or timing chain?

yes it has a cambelt, and should be changed every 60,000mls. 4/27/2011 - answer 2005 models and earlier had a timing belt. 2006 models and newer have a timing chain.

How do you drain petrol from a diesel 2004 reg corsa?

I have the same problem. Today I absent mindedly put petrol into my diesel corsa (also a 2004 model) I was quoted £250 from some company the RAC put me in touch with. Sod that! (There are cheaper ones out there). I got the RAC to tow me home. Tomorrow I will disconnect the fuel line under the b ( Full Answer )

How do you get at the plugs on a t reg 1.2 corsa?

take off the plastic cover on the top centre of your engine then the screws on the ignition pack and disconnect the wire, lift out and all the way down are the little plugs

Does the Hyundai excel have a cambelt or cam chain?

My daughter has an X2 1993 and it has a cam belt. All models from 1990 will have a cam belt but I'm not sure about the earlier X1 series prior to 1990. If you are replacing the belt, make sure you buy a cam belt kit with the new tensioner pulley assembly. I found this out the hard way when I pulled ( Full Answer )

How do you remove corsa 1.2 sxi battery?

Important: If your radio/CD unit has a security code, make sure you know what it is before following the steps below so that you can reactivate the radio/CD unit after the battery is reconnected. 1. Remove windscreen wiper arms. 2. Remove rubber seal from firewall adjacent to the location of the b ( Full Answer )

Does a p reg 1.3 fiesta have a cambelt or timing chain?

The 1.3 is known as the old 'HCS' (High Compression Series) engine, no it does not have a timing belt or chain, it instead uses pushrods to operate the rockers to open and close the valves, these are driven by a cam inside the crankcase.

When change cambelt 1.2 zetec?

just bought a x reg fiesta 90000 mls They tell me it has had a new cambelt is it easy to find out if it has if not what would you suggest I know if it snaps it can do lots of damage

Cambelt change on a vauxhall corsa 1.2 year 2001 how often?

I take it you mean 1.2 16V ? It doesnt have a cambelt , it has a cam chain , which "should" last the life of the engine, there is no recommended change schedules of the chain. If it gets noisy....change it quick !

When do you change the cambelt 2005 corsa 1.3 ctdi?

The 1.3CDTI engine has a Timing Chain, not a Belt. There is no specified Replacement Interval. It only needs to be replaced if diagnosed as noisy, indicating wear to it and/or its Tensioner Mechanism or guides.

Were do you put water for the heater on a 1999 reg corsa?

To make your heaters work, make sure you have water in the water tank under the bonnet. You cant miss it. I had that problem with a corsa sxi, I didnt have any water in the tank hense my heaters wouldn't work.

Dose the 55 plate corsa 1.3cdti have a cambelt or a cam chain?

Hi this engine has a cam chain and dosent suffer from failure, not like the 12v 1.0 ecotec engine. I have a 1.3 cdti van and it's done 125,000 miles serviced every 12,000 miles and its chain is still quiet and running fine.

Does mondeo tdci have a cambelt or chain?

The TDCi uses a chain not belt Not always! On the Mk 4 TDCi 140 is fitted a Peugeot engine called Duratorq, and being peugeot, has a BELT, I believe part belt part chain drive actually. This applies to all the Mk 4 Duratorqs, 1.8, 2.0 maybe 2.2 as well Apart from early auto cars, when the change i ( Full Answer )

How do you change oil filter in corsa 1.2?

apply toothpaste gently to the rear end of the veichle, while slowly singing songs from your childhoood in a german accent as you watch lion king 2.5 in reverse. Also don't forget to buy the mariachi band pizza. FInish with a love tAP with the back of your hand to the left rear tail light.

Why does the upshift light come on on corsa 59 reg?

It is not a fault (because it is a green light) but a prompt to suggest you change gear as the high revs or long duration at the same level of revs are uneconomic from a petrol consumption point of view. It is mentioned in the Handbook but interestingly enough the feature has been removed after Bui ( Full Answer )

How do you tighten the fan belt on a corsa 1.2?

If it is a newer corsa (built in the last 12 years or so) if guessing you mean the alternator belt because it doesn't actually have a fan belt as the fan is driven by a electric motor. To tighten the alternator belt is very easy...Just loosen the two or three bolts holding it on (do not take them r ( Full Answer )

How do you bleed radiator of corsa 1.2?

no bleed valve on corsa as its self bleeding. try starting engine and removing the cap from the expansion tank the air should find its way out.

Why does footwell keep flooding in Corsa 1.2?

Your heater is faulty time to replace it. Each time you use the heater you're dripping radiator fluid onto your floor. Alternatively you can go without a heater and join the two hoses that come from the radiator and poke into the firewall on the passenger's side (Australian Holden SB Barina opel ( Full Answer )

Are Y reg Corsa comfort OBD II Compliant?

I tried plugging in an obd ii code reader into a v reg corsa and it wouldnt read the fault codes. So i dont think they are obd ii compliant. It should have a sticker under the bonet next to the vin plate if it is obd ii. obd ii didnt come into all vehicles untill 2001 although some manufacturers d ( Full Answer )

Does 2001 corsa has timing chain?

Yes definately, the petrols become noisy (rattle) and diesels are prone to slipping, but all corsa c, 2001 onwards are chain driven.