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no it does not .. all it does is move your bones a little. and it will not cause Arthritis

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Q: Does cracking your joints have any long term adverse effects?
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Does jogging for long time has any adverse effects?

Jogging does generate some impact in your leg joints. For a heavier person, specially if running on tarmac, this can eventually cause damage. This isn't at all certain though, and you may well get a long jogging career without and adverse effects at all.

Can cracking your fingers affect your martial arts?

No, it will not affect your martial arts. There have been no proven studies that cracking joints will have any long term affects.

What are the Long term effects on bones during exercise?

The Long term effects are that when you are older you can get bad joints and possible arthritus if you over work joints and the bones are that they will aches alot more and will hurt even more when your older.

How long can a person stay on birth control before adverse effects may appear?

You can stay on birth control your whole life without adverse effects appearing. But medicine reacts different for different people. Someone might be on it a month and have an adverse effect to it, it all depends on the person.

What is the Effect of mixing gasoline from different stations?

As long as they are of the same octane rating, there should be no adverse effects.

What are the Long term effects of physical activity on the endocrine system?

joints seasing up

How can Bones and Joints have long term effects?

THESE ARE LONG TERM EFFECTS · Make bones stronger-not as easily broken · Less risk of arthritis - Less risk of osteoporosis · Chronic lung problems

When you crack your knuckles what cracks is there air bubbles?

I've been cracking my knuckles, back, neck, knees, etc. for years now and my doctor tells me it's tiny air pockets. He said as long as it doesn't hurt, it's perfectly ok to continue cracking joints.

How did corporate mining hurt the miners?

prevented protection of miners from the adverse health effects of their working environment. owners suppressed evidence of detrimental long range effects of mining to control their costs

How is cracking your joints unhealthy?

My joints have cracked for years. Usually feels good when I crack them. As I age, more joints are cracking. Its getting a bit ridiculous. So far on the web, consensus seems to be that without pain, there's no real problem; but don't crack your fingers constantly.I find taking chondroitin glucosamine MSM helps me not constant crack my lower back, neck, and ankles that was starting to worry me. i'd like to figure out if its ok for long term use...

What are the effects from cracking your knuckles?

Many of you may have been told that cracking your knuckles will cause arthritis. However, several studies have shown that there is no direct relation between cracking your knuckles and arthritis, so this is possibly the biggest knuckle cracking myth. Though arthritis may be out of the question, doing so can cause several other undesirable effects, which is probably why you should stop cracking them as of this moment. Yes, it may be relaxing and help you reduce the stiffness of your joints after long hours of typing, writing, painting, or performing any other task. While the relaxing effect may be temporary, over a longer period, cracking your knuckles will lead to several problems.When you crack your knuckles, you may be prone to stretching and bending your fingers in all sorts directions to hear that 'crack'. However, cracking your knuckles too much can cause your ligaments to stretch, leading to a damage in your fingers, and also cause soft tissue injuries.Cracking your knuckles often can also cause you to have swollen fingers. In such a case you ought to have your fingers checked, because swelling is not a direct reaction of knuckle cracking.You should be worried when cracking your knuckles causes pain, because in no way should pain be related to the act of knuckle cracking.Lastly, this habit can also reduce the strength of your hand and of your grip.Several people consider even these effects to be myths. However, these effects have been established on the basis of some research and are not completely baseless.

Cracking your knucklesgood or bad?

Cracking you knuckles isn't bad as long as you push on them lightly.

What are the products of cracking?

In chemistry the cracking of a long alkane chain produces and alkane and an alkene.

Which metabolic product of meperidine normeperidine makes this drug inappropriate for long-term use because of the what?

Neurotoxicity, risk of CNS adverse effects

Long term effects of Genetically modified food on human?

Long term effects of GMO food on humans is not known. There is some anecdotal evidence that it may have adverse health effects on humans. That evidence includes patients of doctors having improved health when they stop eating GMO foods.

Is always being able to crack joints bad?

No it is not bad at all. The cracking noise comes from a gas bubble in your joint. I have always cracked my joints for as long as I can remember and they always feel better after I crack them. To some people it is gross, but 25% of the United States have a habit of doing it.

What are the long term effects of exercise on your bones and joints?

Exercise has many effects on the bones and joints Some of the long term effects are: Regular exercise helps prevent cartilage degeneration in the joints, which will help to prevent arthritis. Regular exercise (especially before the age of 35) also helps delay any loss in bone density which occurs naturally as we get older, therefore bones are stronger and less likely to fracture. Strong bones also help to prevent the development of osteoporosis

What the abuse of antibiotic can do?

The abuse of antibiotics can have two effects. In the long term it can allow pathogens to become resistant over time. In the short term it can harm your body by removing good bacteria from your body which can have severe adverse effects on your health if done for too long.

Can you claim adverse possession if the property owner is deceased and has no living relatives?

Yes, as long as you have met the requirements needed to perfect a claim of adverse possession in your jurisdiction.Yes, as long as you have met the requirements needed to perfect a claim of adverse possession in your jurisdiction.Yes, as long as you have met the requirements needed to perfect a claim of adverse possession in your jurisdiction.Yes, as long as you have met the requirements needed to perfect a claim of adverse possession in your jurisdiction.

How long does the citalopram side effects last?

Adverse effects observed with citalopram are in general mild and transient. They are most prominent during the first one or two weeks of treatment and usually attenuate as the depressive state improves

Are drugs always harmful?

Impossible to prove as the effects of short term use may not exhibit any outward adverse effects. Long term or high volume of usage is definitely linked to serious health problems.

What pair of them have long bones and large joints?

its a pair of them have long bones and large joints

What are the Short-term effects of exercise on the bones and joints?

short term and long term effects of exercise on the bones and jointsShort tearm exersise will help you for while but if you dont carry it on you will go back to your old self and nothing would of changed so if i were you i would carry on to make it long term.It is damage to ligaments and worn down cartilage.

Can you die from inhaling helium?

Only if you inhale too much. Your lungs can't function without oxygen, and helium is devoid of it. Inhaling a little has no long term adverse effects so long as you blow it out.

Cracking long-chained hydrocarbons produces what two things?

Cracking long-chained hydrocarbons produces two things which include alkenes and alkanes(shorter chains), including hydrogen through catalytic cracking.