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No they do not. And they will repo your car if you are too far behind. They may tell you that they will repossess your car if you are 10 days late, but it is a tactic used to scare you. They would loose more money trying to repo your car than waiting on your payment after 10 days.

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Q: Does credit acceptance corp defer car payments?
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Are you world acceptance corp?

This is not world acceptance corp. Information can be found on the world acceptance corporation by going to their website. The website can be found by typing in, with no spaces, world acceptance corporation.

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Wfc is world financial corp. They are the 3rd party bank that processes the monthly credit card payments for hsn and Blair

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Who can you contact at Ford to find out your payoff on your 2004 Freestar?

Car loan information, including payoff amounts have nothing to do with the vehicle manufacturer, but a whole lot more to do with the people that loaned you the money.That could be your local bank, credit union, loan shark, or places like GM Acceptance Corp and Ford Motor Credit.Contact the people that you have been sending your payments to...

Where is Summit Acceptance Corp?

Summit Acceptance Corp. was bought out by Capital One Auto Finance. You will need your acct # or give your Social Security Number when calling. Ask for the title department.

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kim, I looked for 10 mins, best I could find is their portfolio bought out in 1998 by "Norwest Financial Inc. agreed to acquire about $375 million in sales finance auto contracts from SunStar Acceptance Corp. The approximate 46,000 acquired accounts will be managed by Community Credit Co. and Fidelity Financial Services Inc., both based in Edina." and one that says "they closed due to corp. downsizing in 1997." Email me if you need more info.

If Sunstar Acceptance Corp has a lien on your car how do you get it off if you cannot find them?

I'm looking for the same answer. SunstarAcceptance Corp. (888) 217-8893 Hope this helps!

What services does the Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp offer?

Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp offers a number of services including counseling programs, debt management plans, education programs, and credit score analysis.

Where is Franklin Acceptance Corp?

FAC was an active provider of auto loans to individuals with damaged credit though out the 1990. They ran into some legal wrangling with the FTC over some credit issuance practices that eventually caused them to withdraw from the market. They are now under different management and shifted their focusing to Financial Planning for individuals.

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What services does the Credit Corp Group Limited offer?

The Credit Corp Group is a debt assistance organization. They can help customers manage their debts by finding an appropriate repayment solution. They also can consolidate multiple debts.

What is the telephone number of Thor Credit Corp?

1-877-554-8467 is the phone number of Thor Credit Corp's loan processing center. You can press option 2 for their automated system that will tell you all about your loan. Derek