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Do you feel a 'driving need' to eat the flour?? Do you feel a need to eat any other unusual things, like ice, clay or dirt?? I ask because one of the things that causes an unusual hunger for clay, dirt, ice, etc can be an anemia. Have you been tested for anemia??? A simple blood test can determine is you're anemic, or not... If you are anemic, then your doctor needs to test you for a cause of the anemia... (bleeding, inherited defective hemoglobin or red cell protein structure, for example) No anemia??? Hmmmmmmm... No other ideas...

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โˆ™ 2006-04-22 19:06:19
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Q: Does eating flour daily cause stomach problems?
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No it can not.

Why does my stomach look and feel fatter?

Because maybe you are eating the wrong foods or eating more then your daily dose

Is Eating papaya daily can cause miscarriage?

No, you can safely eat papaya.

What would cause bouts of vomiting with fishy smelling mucus and daily diarrhea?

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Can Aspirin and Ibuprofin give you a stomach ulcer?

People on daily aspirin therapy use coated aspirin to prevent stomach bleeding. Ibuprofen does not normally cause stomach bleeding. A bacterium causes most stomach ulcers.

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Contrary to belief, alcohol is good for you. At least, in moderation. if you drink a small amount daily it's proven to be good for you.may cause bleeding throin stomachugh stomach wall.also might cause anyresm

Is eating fast food daily is bad for health?

yes. Do to the usage of same oils daily it may cause heart attack by the blockage of fat in heart

Are you serious I can't get pregnant with stomach ulcer why?

Why is that then? I have suffered from ulcers for years and take Omeprazole on a daily basis and am 7 months pregnanet - no problems.

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The belly dance and sit ups on a daily basis help the stomach.

Can taking a laxative daily help flatten the stomach?

too many laxatives can give u liver problems and it is boring spending your whole life in the bathroom taking a dump

I am suffering from stomach acidity and my daily normal foods are pulse rice chicken and fruit banana am i taking proper food?

Pulse rice chicken will certainly help with stomach acidity but fruit banana may cause an increase.

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Yes it will, you will not have enough energy to perform your daily tasks and also it will cause gastric pain and damage to other organs.

Why does my stomach swell after you have eaten?

It's not that is swells it's just the normal reaction for your digestive system. The more food you put in your stomach the more room it'll make. You're stomach will continue to expand (swell) until you get the right amount of food limit into your pouch. You can also train your stomach to expand more by eating just a tad bit more daily.

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Sharp pins and needles in stomach?


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The heart works with the stomach to perform daily functions. The heart pumps blood to the stomach so that the cells can function properly.

What is average daily production of stomach acid?

3 tbs