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Does europa have an under ground ocean?

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Under-GROUND oceans? Probably not; the current estimates for Europa indicate that the surface is probably ice, with perhaps oceans beneath the ice. If the oceans are made of water rather than some more exotic liquid, then there's at least a possibility that life might exist in that ocean.

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Could Europa have life?

Possibly. Europa has an ocean of liquid water under its icy crust, which might have light.

Moon of Jupiter possibly contains a liquid ocean under its surface?


What moon has a frozen ocean?

Europa, a moon of Jupiter, has a frozen surface with the possibility of a liquid ocean under the surface.

What is name of the Moon of Jupiter that contains a liquid ocean?

Europa possibly, has a liquid ocean under the surface ice.

Where is the hidden treasure found?

Under the ground or ocean,it is mostly under in the ocean

What planetary satellite may have a water ocean under its surface?

Europa, which is one of Jupiter's moons.

What is the name of the moon of Jupiter that possibly contains a liquid ocean under its surface?

Europa is the moon of Jupiter which contains liquid ocean or H2o

Hidden ocean in europa?

There is a hidden ocean on Europa as found out by NASA, manifested as churning seas beneath its icy surface.

What is special about the moon Europa?

Europa has an icy surface. Cracks on the surface show that the ice has refrozen and melted many times, suggesting that an ocean might be under the surface that harbors life.

Which of Jupiter's moons possibly contains a liquid ocean under its surface?

Europa is the moon that could possibly contain a liquid ocean under its icy surface, and it could possibly be liquid water, or H2O!

Which planet has a moon with a possible ocean water under a crust of ice?

Jupiter's moons - Europa and Ganymede possibly have oceans of liquid water under their crust. Saturn's moon - Enceladus also has a possible ocean of water under it's crust.

What do scientists believe that europa may have?

I have read somewhere that scientists think that europa may have an underground ocean.

How do you get water on europa?

The water in the ocean could possibly be kept warm by heat coming from inside Europa.

Do scientists think that Europa has an underground ocean?

no they dont

Europa have what on it?

A saline ocean beneath it's crust.

What moon had an ocean of liquid water beneath it?

Saturns moon Titan has water under ice as well as one of Jupiter's moon Europa

What is europa moon made of?

Europa is covered with ice and underneath a layer of ice there is an ocean that scientists think might have life living in it. Also Europa has many cracks on it.

Where do you get crude oil from and how do you extract it?

In the ground or under the ocean, by using oil pumps.

Where do you find oil?

You normally find oil in the ground or under the ocean floor.

Is oil found in Texas?

Yes it is. It is also found in the ocean under the ground!

Do any other planets in the solar system have an ocean?

Apart from Earth, there are no other "known" planets with an ocean. However, there is a good chance than a moon of Jupiter - Europa may have an ocean under it's crust, and Titan - a moon of Saturn - HAS an ocean of ... methane.

What makes europa unique to other moons?

europa's atmosphere consists of oxygen. also, under it's icy surface, is an ocean of liquid water.

Does europa have volcanoes?

no. mainly ice and an ocean underneath the crust

What does europa have that is awesome?

A saline ocean beneath it's crust.

Where is the best location for oil?

Oil is located in many places. Under the ground, under the ocean, in shale, etc.