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No. Pullets need an increase in protein and calcium weeks before the first egg is produced. A balanced laying MASH or pelletized feed is best. Oats, while happily accepted by the birds is more expensive than cracked corn feed but can be added to daily hen scratch.

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According to folk wisdom when do hens start laying eggs after winter break?

Folk sayings have it that hens start laying on St Valentines Day, which should help with a certain goddess. -Tom777

Does laying mash contain ephedrine?

NO. It would be counter productive to supply an appetite suppressant to laying hens. The whole idea of feeding the hens laying mash is to have them produce better quality eggs not get them to eat less.

What age do guinea hens start laying eggs?

I have read that it is in their second season that they will start laying eggs. I am anxiously waiting for mine to start laying!

When do hens start laying lots of eggs?

When you start pumping semen into them

When do hens start laying after the winter?

They don't stop laying eggs until they are old.

When do hens start to nest?

Most production breed hens will begin laying eggs at about 18 weeks of age.

When are hens old enough to lay eggs?

Hens are generally ready to start laying at around 6 months of age.

How many months do hens lay eggs?

Hens usually stop laying eggs from June 21 and re-start laying eggs in December 21. Which is 6 months in total.

Why did your hens stop laying?

They have cycles of laying, it just needs a break, there is a recipe and when you add it to thier food it makes them start laying again message me for info

How old are hens when they start laying eggs?

It depends on the breed. Most start about 20 weeks.

How long do chickens lay for?

Hens do their best egg laying in their first 2 years, they can however continue laying eggs, just not that many and not that good of quality for at least 12 years Hens do their best egg laying in their first two years, not true they will take about a year to start laying but then their good laying starts.

Do hens need a laying box each?

no i have 6 hens who lay in the same laying box dailey regards john

If a leghorn was born on Valentine's Day of this yr. about what time of this yr would they start laying their eggs?

hens start laying around 6 months after they are hatched so roughy they would start laying around late July into august.

Is the cold weather a factor in my hens not laying?

Cold weather does effect a hens laying. when the temperature is below 55 degrees or so this can effect a hens production. Mainly though the reduction in hours of daylight causes hens to stop laying. Anything below 14 hours of daylight will cause a hen to stop laying.

When hens get old do they stop laying eggs?

They usually start laying at 6 months and stop at 6 or 7 years. They usually live to be 10 or 11

Laying hens eating there eggs?

when they first start it is because they are missing some chemical in their diet. after they start doing it, it is almost impossible to get them to stop.

Why do hens stops laying when the rooster is absent?

They don't, or rather, they shouldn't. Hens can stop laying when they are molting, stressed, for winter, or just when they are too old.

Why is calcium important in a laying ration?

I assume the question is about hens and eggs? In which case, calcium is needed in a laying ration to help the hen lay eggs with a strong shell.

What has the author Victor Heiman written?

Victor Heiman has written: 'The protein requirements of laying hens' -- subject(s): Feeding and feeds, Chickens, Proteins in animal nutrition

Do ALL hens make a noise when they lay an egg?

No, not all hens cackle while laying.

When do araucanass start laying?

I raise true Araucana chickens and Araucana hens are usually a bit slow to start laying. On average in good conditions and with excellent lighting, the Araucana hens with lay their first eggs at around 5 to 6 months old. Americana chickens will often start to lay eggs much sooner at about 16 weeks of age.

Why is my Hens comb laying to the side?

Often a sign of aging and or poor nutrition. The hens comb will weaken as they age out and stop laying. Try adding a water soluble tonic to the water supply and feeding a mash with higher protein. Allowing the bird to free range and have access to fresh greens and insects might help also. You could also check for mites and de-worm the hen to boost immunity and general health.

Do you a have a rooster to have laying hens?

no. they will lay without a rooster

Will 2 Roosters with 4 Laying Hens slow egg production?

They shouldn't effect the process of laying eggs. It's always up to the hens attitude for that day.

How do you fertilize a chick egg for hatching purpose?

You must buy a viable Rooster, put him in with at least 8 hens of the same size, and wait a week for the hens to start laying fertile eggs.

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