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Flushing a toilet uses the water contained in the toilet tank.

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Each flush of a toilet uses the same amount of water.

25% of A households water usage is used flushing the toilet.

It will be exaclty the same, the only difference is that flushing the toilet with bottled water is very expense. It really will be a waste of money.

An older toilet can use approximately 5 gallons, I believe. But now the lower flush toilets use 1.6 gallons.

take a bucket full of water and use it for flushing then call a plumber for more help

I reckon there is no air vent pipe on the drain line of the toilet you are flushing and the siphon action is sucking out the water in the loft toilet also.

is a kind of toilet that uses water for flushing. The water in the bowl prevents the flies from breeding on the waste.

The first flushing toilet was for queen Victoria the first.

The Victorians invented the first flushing toilet

The seasons are reversed, AND the flow of water is reversed. When flushing a toilet in the northern hemisphere, the water goes down clockwise. When flushing a toilet in the southern hemisphere, the water goes down counterclockwise.

By taking shorter showers and not flushing the toilet

The flushing toilet was invented by John Harrington in 1596.

That is a matter of debate. Lets say you choose to have untreated water with harmful bacteria including the causes of typhoid and chlolera pumped into your toilet so you will not be wasteful. Then your toddler plays with the water in the toilet and gets sick and dies. I choose to be "wasteful".

The wax ring is just to seal the toilet to the drain. It has no effect on the flushing.

It helps to keep your body flushing toxins out of your system, by making you use the toilet more.

Age isn't reason for toilet not flushing. Several things could be wrong for toilet not flushing.

john harrington invented the toilet

Low water pressure or cold water main undersized.

It depends on the way it is set up, normally the water is from the same source, but using water in the toilet for any purpose other that flushing is NOT recommended..

1000000000000000 kg1.6 GPF - 5.7 GPF depending on make model and yearTank or flushometer

Probably nothing wrong with the toilet. It is more likely that your pipes are full of rust or mineral deposits.

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