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yes. gas has the fastest moving particles and a solid has the slowest moving particles and particles in a liquid are moving faster than solid particles but not as fast as gas particles.

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Q: Does gas have fast moving particles?
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Which change of state has fast moving particles?

Gas has fast moving particles.

Are the particles in the gas moving fast or slow?


How does the arrangement of the particles in a liquid compare to that of a gas?

the particles in a solid are arranged tightly and not moving the particles in gas are moving fast and sepparted

Are the particles in a solid moving or still?

Technically, all particles in a Solid, Liquid, or Gas are moving. But a gas moves the fastest, liquid fast, but not as fast as gas, and solid moves the slowest.

Does a gas have fast moving particles?

Yes, they do that is why we smell farts so fast

Why does a gas exerts force?

How much pressure a gas exerts depends on the number of gas particles in a given space and how fast they are moving. The more gas particles there are and the faster they are moving, the greater the pressure they create.

Are the particles in a gas moving fast with no forces of attraction between them?

Yes that's right


Have you definitive shape or volume, has fast moving particles

What is a measure of how fast particles are moving called?

Temperature is the measure of how fast particles are moving in an object.

What happens when the gas particles are moving fast to its energy and its temperature?

exerting lots of kinetic energy into gas particles speeds up the collision theory

How fast the particles are moving?

too fast

What state of matter in which the particles are very far apart and moving fast?

this would be gas. -tea

What phase of matter has fast moving particles?

A plasma has fast moving particles. Remember also, that the velocity of a particle is a token for the temperature.

Does light bulb have fast moving particles?

Yes, light bulbs have the fastest moving particles.

How fast the particles of matter are moving?


How can you tell that the particles in a cup of water are moving slower or faster?

hot water has fast moving particles, and cold water has slow moving particles

Do fast gas particles have low pressure?

becausse the particles in gas are far apart.

Why are the hot gas particles moving faster than the cool gas particles?

Because hot gas particles have greater kinetic energy than cold gas particles

A measure of how fast the particles in an object are moving is the?


A measure of how fast the particles in an object moving is the?


What substance has the most fast moving particles?


Are there forces of attraction between gas particles?

Yes, there is an attractive force between gas molecules, but the molecules are moving too fast for these forces to have a significant effect.

How do the particles of a gas move?

fast and with freedom

Why do particles change their arrangement while changing state?

Slow moving particles causes an object to stay solid and unable to move. Fast moving particles cause an object to be a liquid or a gas (depending on the amount of heat on the object). If you add heat or freeze the object the particles will change movement. The particles are what makes the object solid/gas/liquid/plasma.

How does particles move in gas?

I think you mean, how do particles move in gas. But we all make mistakes. A most thought provoking question sir. The movement of particles in gas is the exact opposite to the movement of particles in a solid. When particles are in a solid state they are very slow, and clumped together. When particles take the gas form, they are completely spread out, have many fluctuations, moving fast. Excited particles if you like.