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Does warm air or cold air make gas particles move apart?

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Gas particles, like the particles in all states of matter (solid, liquid, gas) are always moving apart and colloding with other particles. Gas particles have more space in between and tend to move faster than the particles in a solid or liquid state. Temperature only affects how fast a particle moves, therefore warm air makes gas particles move faster and cold air makes gas particles move slower.

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Does evaporation make particles move closer together?

No. Evaporation makes particles move further apart.

What happens when particles of a material move farther apart?

When particles of a material move farther apart, it explodes.

Does metal expand when cold?

No, metal expands when it is heated as the particles move further apart. In fact metal will contract when cold.

Do gases have particles that move quickly and are far apart?

Yes, they do. Gas particles are already far apart and move more quickly than liquid particles, and as they warm up, they move faster and further apart.

What is the movement of particles in gas?

gas particles move fastly spread apart

How are particles in cold water different from particles in hot water?

because particles in cold water moves slow and particles in hot water move fast.

What happens to particles of matter when a liquid changes to a gas?

well, in a gas, there is pressure and temperature. the particles move farther apartThe move faster and get further apart from each other.

Do particles move when frozen?

Yes. All atomic sized particles move, by vibrating. no matter how cold they are.

What happens to particles in a substance when its heated or cooled?

Particles move faster when heated. When cold, they move slower.

How far apart do carbon dioxide particles move?

If the CO2 is in gas form and not in a container, they can move an unlimited distance apart.

Why do cold air particles move fast?

The statement is not correct; cold air particles move slowly because they lack the kinetic energy they need to move fast, which is heat.

Do water partcles move slower in closed up spaces?

Yes, because for example, cold water have less space between particles and they move slower than the hot water particles which are more far apart from each other.

Do air particles move faster in cold water than hot water?

Air particles move faster in cold water and creates a water current.

Why do particles move together when it is cold?

It moves slower than heated particles. Heated particles move around very fast and uncontrollably.

When particles are cooled do they move slower?

yes, when particles are cold the move slower. take water and ice for example when the water is warm is is a liquid and it moves all over but when its cold it turns into ice. when its ice the particles don't move.

Is starch more soluble in hot or cold water?

Hot water, because particles will move faster and spread apart more than in cold water, thus making it more soluble.

Why does liquids and gases flow?

because the particles that make them up are far apart from each other and move about each other.

Why do hot gas particles move faster than cold gas particles?

cold gas particles are near frozen so they travel slowly

What happens to molecules in heat?

When Particles(molecules) are heated . According to the particles theory when particles are heated they move fast and spread farther apart . thats why , when water is heated the particles move faster and faster and spread farther apart therefore that water then turns into steam .

What do particles do during expansion and contraction?

If the object is heated it will expand because the particles gain energy from the heat and move about more vigorously causing them to bump into each other and move further and further apart. When the substance is cooled (gets cold) the particles slow down and move closer and closer together causing the object to contract.

What does particles do when water evaporates?

Particles tend to move faster, further apart and gain more energy.

What happens to particles during sublimation?

evaporation-particles move farther apart heat takents away

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