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Does good childcare exist in this world anymore?

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I don't blame you for feeling very frustrated over good childcare. A parent is taking a large risk leaving their children anywhere these days and it is always nagging in the back of a mother's mind if she has done the right thing by leaving her child with the right person or people. The best you can do is interview carefully or ask your friends that have children. Check for licensing and ask for references. If this doesn't sit well with you and you can afford it then have someone come into your home. When in doubt you can always have a hidden video in your child's bedroom or anywhere else in the house and believe me, more parents are doing this to put their minds to rest. Another option is childcare that is framed around a charter-like model but choose with discretion as many schools have begun to use "Charter" in their titles which differ no more from the next school. There are some very good place that encourage kids to use their natural creativity, staff better child to teacher ratios and encourage teamwork which many childcare facilities lack because they just do not have the staff to give each kid individual attention and this is why charter school funding should be encouraged by parents even for Headstarts which at one time (80s to early 90s) is what they were all about for kids that did not have the economic advantages of partaking in this kind of experience.

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