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If it did the divorce rate would be astronomical....that or I have a very forgiving woman. No. If this person is only a friend then no it is not cheating. If you were uncomfortable about telling your significant other about meeting this friend then I would say you should not meet alone.


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The only way you can be positive your boyfriend is cheating is by having a friend take you in their car and follow him one night.

If you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend or not married then it's not cheating. If you have either and you like a person then they are a friend you are fond of and it should go no further than that. If it does and an attached individual tells another person they love them then that is considered cheating.

It means he thinks of his wife in not a loving way but a friend way. He might be having second thoughts of his marriage between his wife and him, or he might be cheating on his wife. Usually, he is having second thoughts of marrying his wife.

cheating not having a bf and not having a bff

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You cannot accuse a person of cheating unless you have proof positive such as pictures of her with someone else kissing in a public area, etc. Listening to friends tell you she is cheating is considered hearsay (secondhand information and may not be true.) Cheating can mean different things to different individuals such as: If your wife/girlfriend met an old friend or was with a male coworker and a friend of yours saw them somewhere this does not mean she is having an affair even if she gives that person a quick kiss or a hug.

Could you please resubmit your question and be more specific as I'm not sure by your question of the scenario - meaning your best friend? and cheating - how would they cheat on you? If that is your question as is then nothing as if my best friend is just that my best friend then they could not cheat on me as we are not "involved" to having been cheated on.

i think you are worrying to much about your husband cheating if you are having dreams. But whatever your dreams, it is not considered cheating, i think you need to trust him more, and relax.

Shaking in the morning, having to have alcohol to stop it

Stop cheating with her and forget the whole thing ever happened. You might want to bring it up in 20 years, or so, while you and your best friend are having beers and the girl is a distant memory.

Cheating and having an affair is simply plain cheating. Individuals can cheat randomly (cheat more than once) and some people who have affairs are a little more serious and feel they are in love.

Why r u cheating on him? Is yr love life good with yr husband, maybe not if u constantly cheat. How could u and the best friend do that to him? shame on u and him. If not satisfied get a divorce!

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your partners not showing you they care enough

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There are generally no limits to having a best guy friend. If he is truly your friend it will be just like having a best girl friend. He might not want to get a makeover with you though.

In my opinion, it's not cheating unless there's intimacy between them: hand holding, kissing, having sex, etc. I've had female roommates before, and the relationship was completely platonic.

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No you do not. I always talk to my close girlfriend. But having the male figure feels a little better at times

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Of course not ... chatting = conversation (talk) ... cheating = having an affair (sex) ... so, sex is not conversation ... talk is not an affair. Anyone is entitled to talk to anyone they so choose.Another POV:It can be. The idea that a sexual affair is the only form of cheating is a limited view. An emotional affair can be just as much a betrayal. If you are engaged in a chat/internet relationship with someone to the detriment of your physical, non-virtual relationship, then it is cheating.

Having a good friend is one of the best thing God has given us to have.

Cheating is having a romantic or sexual relationship with some else while dating or being married to a man or girl.

Of couse it is; that's just wrong and cold. Cheating is by definiton having sex with someone who is not your partner.

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