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Does he have to pull out when he haves a condom on?


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No, because the risk of getting pregnant is much smaller than without a condom on.

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When you pull out and it is ripped!

You either see it after you pull out or after you pull out you can fill it with water and see if it leaks.

the purpose of a condom is to hold all the semen. as long as the semen is still in the condom and it is disposed of properly, that the girl should be just fine.

He doesn't. Tell him to use a condom.

Unless fresh sperm came in contact with the vagina the chances are 0.001% with condom AND pull out I would say...with just pull out without condom it is possible, with condom it is unlikely unless it broke. All the best!

If you are using a condom, you should pull your foreskin back and apply some lubricant to the head of the penis before putting the condom on. If you are not using a condom, it is not necessary to pull the foreskin back. The foreskin will slide back and forth over the head of the penis as you thrust in and out of the woman's vagina.

Nothing unless the condom broke, ripped, or had a tear in it then pregnancy could occur.

So long as the condom is not broken No you wont get pregnant. That is what condoms are designed to do.

No condom and just pull out before you juice.

Pull out asap then take the "morning after" pill

very slim, unless you forget to take you pull, the condom breaks and you dont pull out.

well first you tear open the package and then you pull the condom out and then you place the condom on the penis then roll down the condom make sure you do this before sex always be safe and enjoy

First, you open the foil. the next step is checking for damages in the condom. If no damage is found on th condom, take it, put it on the tip of your penis, and roll the condom down the shaft, and pull the tip up just a bit for room so the condom can do it's job properly.

I guess what you are saying is a girl lost a condom inside of her. Well use fingers to pull it out, no bid deal.

Usually you can just pull it out with your fingers. However, if you are positive the condom is still in the vagina but cannot located it, then a doctor should be contacted.

It's possible but highly improbable. If you don't ejaculate on or in her vagina then you should be good.

what haves mouth but no teeth

Well typically I either pull out or wear a condom.

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