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Q: Does high octane fuel increase engine efficiency?
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How can you increase fuel efficiency in a petrol engine?

Don't turn it on.

Can you make octane fuel with rubbing alcohol?

No. Isopropopal alcohol will dry any water out of the fuel system by scattering the h2o molecules, but it will not increase the octane rating, or power of the engine. Too much will lower the combustability

Will a fuel cooler increase fuel efficiency?

It is possible that a fuel cooler will increase fuel efficiency. The hotter a fuel burns, the faster it will burn away.

Why does a high octane fuel has a less tendency to knock in automobile engine?

because the high octane fuel prevents the igniting of fuel before the starting of engine

What was the purpose of adding lead to gasoline?

Lead was added to gasoline to inexpensively increase octane ratings and to also help reduce engine knocking.Increasing octane and reduce engine knocking are exactly the same thing, as the test method to measure octane of a fuel is to see when a standard engine begins knocking. The higher compression ratio the standard test engine can be operated at without knocking, the higher the octane of the fuel being tested.

Will HHO generator increase the octane of fuel?

Yes and No. Hydrogen only has a octane rating of 50, but the properties of Hydrogen let one run higher compression on your engine which in turn will give more power.

What happens if you put plus unleaded in a 2006 Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo instead of regular unleaded?

Plus (89 or 91 octane) will nor harm the engine or fuel system on an engine thats call for 87 octane.Plus (89 or 91 octane) will nor harm the engine or fuel system on an engine thats call for 87 octane.

Can higher octane fuel reduce engine vibration?

High Octane fuel is highly refined fuel which is often used by the aircrafts and jet airliners. Therefore, such fuel will definitely help you to lower down the engine vibration.

Can you run high octaine fuel?

It depends on the type of engine and how high of octane you are running. Octane slows the burning of fuel, so if it is too high of octane for the engine, you will end up burning out your exhaust valves because burning fuel is being pushed out of them. 92 or 93 octane that is available at fuel pumps as "premium" fuel is ok for most engines. I wouldn't run anything over about 100 octane.

Explain why gas oil is cracked to produce gasoline?

To produce a higher octane fuel. A fuel that will power high efficiency engines.

Which is better 87 octane or 93 octane non ethenol gas?

There is no better. If your car is designed to run on 87 octane then using 93 octane is a total waste of money. The higher octane will provide no more power, no better fuel economy, and is of no benefit to the engine whatsoever. In fact using a high octane fuel in an engine designed for 87 octane may actually cause hard starting. Use exactly the octane as recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle. Saying that, if your car is designed to run on 93 octane then using 87 octane can be detrimental to the engine due to pre-detonation that will be caused by running the lower octane fuel. It depends on whether the manufacturer recommends the use of higher octane fuel or says it is mandatory. Most vehicles built in the last few years where 93 octane is recommended can run on 87 octane with a slight loss in power. The engine fuel management system will adjust for the lower octane and there will be no harm to the engine. The bottom line is to use exactly what the manufacture recommends.

What is the correct octane fuel for a 1998 subaru legacy?

The correct octane fuel for a 1998 Subaru Legacy is RON98. This is the right octane to be used based on this car's engine for best performance.