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Yes, If your plan embodies that kind of coverage. If personal property is located on the premises, then the insurance should cover it, regardless of who it belongs to (within reason). However, it is difficult to prove exactly what a homeowner had or did not have on their property at any given time. With that being said, insuarnce companies seem to be very cautious when accepting liability. It is often not worth claiming such a loss, unleess it is very significant, and is typical for a home to have (like a jewelry box). Often, homeowners will not report losses unless they are very significant, due to the deductable they may have to pay and/or the risk of their insurance premium increasing from their claim. **I am not an expert by any means, so calling the insurance company that holds the policy will provide you with an accurate explanation.

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Q: Does homeowners insurance cover anything stolen on your property even if you are not the owner of the stolen items and they are not related to you?
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Does homeowners insurance cover the cost of cleanup after an unattended death?

No. Your Homeowners insurance is "Property" insurance. It covers property damages caused by certain covered Perils such as Fire, Wind, Hail, Lightning, Fire etc. You will not find coverage on your Home Insurance Policy for death or related expenses.

Will your homeowners insurance provide coverage for an automobile collision?

No. Automobile-related occurrences are not covered under homeowners insurance. In fact, they are expressly excluded.

How do you get the most money from insurance company after a home invasion?

Home Invasion and Homeowners InsuranceThat all depends. What did they steal? Is it covered under your homeowners Policy? If the stolen property is listed as covered under your homeowners Insurance then you should file a claim for the stolen property. If the door or window was kicked in or damaged then you can file a claim for cost of repairs.There is no coverage specific to a home invasion on your homeowners policy so there is no pay out for "home invasion" in and of itself.If you were injured firing the home invasion you will need to look to your medical insurance to cover the costs of related health care.

Does homeowners or comprehensive insurance cover damage to an auto from grandchildren throwing rocks?

Typically, homeowners insurance expressly excludes auto-related losses. Therefore, the auto comprehensive coverage should apply.

Where can you buy homeowners insurance?

One can buy homeowners insurance from many insurance companies. For instance, All State offers homeowners insurance for a reasonable price. Other insurance companies that offer homeowners insurance include: Geico, Liberty Mutual, and Progressive.

Is a fall on a wet deck covered by medical insurance or homeowners?

It depends on who fell and why. Homeowners Insurance is Property InsuranceHomeowners Insurance may sometimes provide a very small amount of coverage for minor household related injuries for the named insured.Visitor injuries would be subject to home owners liability terms.Major Medical insurance provides comprehensive coverage up to the policy limits regardless of where a personal injury occurred.It's much better to handle it with your medical insurer.Answer.homeowners

Does homeowners insurance cover asbestos removal as a result of a covered peril?

You'll need t check your insurance policy language to be sure, but most homeowners insurance polices in the U.S. these days do not provide coverage for asbestos abatement or related claims arising from asbestos.

Does homeowners cover fences?

A storm damages your fence. Wind-related damage to a fence or another insured structure on your property is typically covered by homeowners insurance whether it's the result of a tornado or just a fierce storm. Once it's safe to go outside, you should take photos of your damaged fence.

Does your farm bureau home owners insurance cover you if you are working in someone elses home?

Homeowners insurance policies are personal lines coverage and typically do not provide coverage for commercial or work related activities.

Can you get insurance on a vehicle that is only for farm use such as plowing snow and hauling wood?

There are a number of insurance companies that provide coverage for farm operations and related equipment. This type of coverage is usually called 'farmowners insurance'. In most instances, a farm insurance policy provides protection for a home and personal property with coverage options similar to those offered in traditional homeowners insurance policies. Umbrella options vary, so make sure you inquire with your agent about specific coverage.

Does homeowners insurance cover asbestos?

You will need to refer to your Home insurance policy language. Alternatively you can ask your Insurance Agent or company representative. Most Home Insurance Policies these days contain specific language that excludes coverage for Asbestos and Asbestos related claims.

What type of insurance do the company Chubb offer?

The Chubb Group provides insurance for business and personal related matters. Their business insurance covers property and casualty while their personal insurance covers cars, homes, and valuables.

Will your homeowners insurance rate go up if you file a claim to replace your fence?

Most homeowners insurance does not increase rates due to claims. However, claims do determine whether or not a company continues to renew your policy. Especially now, if you are cancelled it is much harder to get home insurance.

Does home owners insurance cover lost food due to power outages?

No, homeowners insurance does not cover food losses due to the failure or outage of a public utility conveyance.All home insurance policies specifically exclude conveyance related damages

Will homeowners insurance pay for injuries to someone who also lives in the home.?

if that person is related to you - no they are not covered - they are actually an insured - and insureds can't file injury claims - it is specifically excluded

A tree fell on your sisters car while parked in your driveway during an ice storm. Will your homeowners cover this?

Homeowners Insurance is specific to the property of the named insured and sometimes, certain related liabilities of the named insured. The property of others is not covered.Nobody is liable for an act of nature, including natural falling objects.Your sister would have to look to her own chosen comprehensive auto insurance policy for an automotive loss.AnswerI don't believe the homeowners insurance would pay for the damage to the car unless some form of negligence can be established in relation to the tree. For example if it was very rotted and as a result fell on the car negligence might be established as a failure to maintain, but in a loss from a storm peril the coverage for the car would fall on the owner. In regards to the tree I have seen some homeowners policies that pay for removal of the fallen tree, but this is usually when the tree has damaged the dwelling.

Does homeowners insurance cover earthquakes?

Only if you have added and paid an additional premium for the Earthquake coverage endorsement.Adding earthquake insurance to your homeowner's policy is typically optional and can often be quite costly. As a result, only about 12% of California homeowners have earthquake insurance according to the California Earthquake Authority (CEA) . For more information, visit the Related Link below.

How should I handle liability insurance given that I pay local handymen to fix roof leaks and they don't have insurance?

I'm assuming you have homeowners insurance. You should contact your agent or the policy services dept. of your insuring company and discuss this with them, there may not be coverage under your liability portion of your homeowners policy to cover him, and you may want to add an endorsement. Your state insurance department is your best resource for insurance-related questions and concerns. Find information on insurance companies and agents, rate quotes and comparisons, insurance buying tips, claims filing information and much more! State Insurance Department websites:

Does homeowners insurance cover plumbing repairs?

Water damage caused by failure in plumbing is usually covered by homeowners insurance if certain conditions are met. Homeowners policies sometimes specifically prohibit long-term plumbing leaks which the homeowner must have been knowledge of, but have done nothing about. One of the major types of loss claims is plumbing-related. These can range from minor leaks to major flooding of the house, caused by a plumbing, usually hot water line & break. Fortunately, homeowners insurance covers plumbing line leaks, provided that the owner notifies the insurer in due course. For more information visit at:

Is it possible to purchase additional homeowners insurance to cover foundation and related repairs?

Home policies include this coverage. These are necessary repairs for a large or total loss. I never have known for this to be excluded.

Does homeowners insurance cover auto damage caused by wind?

No. that's what Auto Insurance is for. Home insurance covers damage to your home from wind, hail, fire, lightning etc. Likewise, your auto insurance, comprehensive coverage would repair wind, fire, hail and lightning related damage to your vehicle.

What does the Catlin Group Limited specialize in?

The Catlin Group Limited is a company that specializes in the underwriting of insurance. They offer various insurance-related services, including casualty reinsurance and property reinsurance.

What insurance do you need for a home business?

First check, your homeowners insurance policy. Your home policy may not cover your business needs but check with your agent first about additional coverage. The things to consider include: * Equipment insurance - coverage for your computer, fax machine, etc. * Liability insurance * Malpractice insurance - professional protection against losses resulting from professional mistakes * Data insurance - protection for computer files. * Disability insurance - prices may be high but it may be worth your piece of mind. Your state insurance department is your best resource for insurance-related questions and concerns. Find information on insurance companies and agents, rate quotes and comparisons, insurance buying tips, claims filing information and much more!State Insurance Department websites: than half of the businesses in the United States are based out of the owner's home, with more being added every year, according to research by the Small Business Administration. Many of those entrepreneurs think their homeowners' insurance policies cover their business needs when the unexpected happens, but the reality is that most homeowners' policies don't.Homeowners insurance provides a limited amount of coverage for business equipment, but most standard homeowners' policies exclude coverage for businesses operating in the home. Most policies don't cover lost data, lost income or liability. cheap homeowners insurance company in Florida

What Is Boat Insurance, and Why Do I Need It?

Carrying boat or yacht insurance is a smart decision. Contrary to popular belief, your vessel is not covered under your car or homeowners policy. If you cause an accident or get into one with an uninsured or underinsured operator, you may be held responsible to cover related expenses, such as repairs, property damage, medical bills, lost wages, legal fees and more. Without the proper coverage, your financial well-being may be at risk.

What are the advantages of having a trade motor insurance?

Trade motor insurance is insurance for people who make their living doing anything related to cars or motorcycles. There are different types of this insurance and you should check them all out to find the one that fits your needs the best.

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