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Of course NOT.

Homeowners Insurance does not cover auto accidents. That's what Auto Insurance is for.

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Q: Does homeowners insurance cover auto damage to non-owners vehicle your property by someone hitting a pole?
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Does homeowners insurance cover a shopping cart hitting a car by a person?

Automobiles are covered by Auto Insurance. If you have full coverage auto it will repair any damages caused to your vehicle by the shopping cart, minus your deductible of course. Homeowners Insurance does not cover automobiles, if it did, we would have no need for car insurance.

If your child age 17 injures another child age 16 by hitting them on your property will your homeowners insurance cover medical damages?

It depends on what the policy says. Recognize that even if it does, you'll probably loose the insurance afterward or the rates go up. If you loose the insurance, other insurance companies may not be willing to cover you once they find out that you have that kind of person living in your house. Insurance companies are constantly determining their risk. If they see a condition that may cause higher risk, they tend to deal with the condition.

Will homeowners insurance cover mortar cracks on a brick home?

No, unless those cracks are a result of a differnt direct loss such as a vehicle hitting the home or a tree falling on it. Most if not all insurance policies exclude cracking in brick, plaster, and drywall as well as vibration.

Will your insurance company pay for the damages from hitting a deer if you have PLPD?

The only intitlement of monies will go to that deer, for the deer is someones property(state)and your insurance company may have to pay for its medical bills if it survived the accident, but nothing to you.

Will your auto insurance cover hitting a bird?

Yes, under comprehensive

Do you have to report all car accidents to your insurance company when hitting a pedestrian?

of course...

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Can the police issue you a ticket for hitting a car on private property?

Yes. If it is not you're private property they have all the rights they need

What does comprehension mean in auto insurance?

It is other than collision insurance. It covers hail, stolen vehicle, hitting an animal, and vandalism.

Are you liable if someone hits a boulder on the curb of your property?

Possibly if the boulder was in the roadway, but if it was actually on your property then they are responsbile for hitting a stationary object.

Does insurance pay when your trees fall in your neighbors yard without hitting anything?

Depending on what insurance company you have and your plan. Most do in/near wooded areas.

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