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NO. Homeowners insurance policies do not provide coverage for automobiles. That's what auto insurance is for.

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Does home owners ins cover car tires slashed in driveway?

Homeowners insurance does not cover automobile nor there parts.

Do you claim slashed car tires on homeowners or auto insurance?

Slashed tires coverageYou will need to file the claim under your Auto Insurance policy. Your homeowners insurance does not pay for car damage. That's what auto insurance is for.

If my tires were to be slashed how long can i wait to report it to the cops?

You may not be able to get anywhere with the police if you were just threatened to have your tires slashed. If your tires were actually slashed, and you saw or filmed the person who did it, then you should report it as soon as it happens.

Does homeowners insurance cover damage to an automobile do to a hurricane that was in an attached garage at the time the damage was incurred?

The car must have its own comprehensive insurance coverage for this type of a loss. The only exception is for car parts that are not attached to the vehicle at the time of the loss - such as stored tires and wheels.

Why did the bikers slashed Lien SUV tires?

Because they slashing Lien SUV tires so the driver won't get away.

Why was Tim Shepard looking for Dally?

Because Dally slashed Tim shepards tires.

What is the best way to go about replacing 4 slashed tires or filling up all 4 tires when someone has let all the air out?

As for slashed tires you probably would need a tow to a tire store, but if the air is let out a portable 12 volt air compressor that plugs into your cigarette lighter would do nicely. Call LES SCHWAB!!!!!!!!!!

Does my insurance cover damages that were caused in an Accident by myself. Not like i rear-ended somebody but rather i hit the sidewalk and my tires got torn and are bent and crooked?

If you purchased full coverage you should have Collision coverage. If so, it will cover the damage to your tires and rims minus your deductible. Happy Motoring

Who was Timothy Shepherd and why was he looking for dally?

Hey was Dally's frienmy who had suspected that Dallas slashed his tires. But it as actually Two-bit who did it. Dally took the blame for it.

How was Christina Aguilera schooling like?

She said it was pretty tough since lots of her classmates were jealous of her winning the competitions. She said they bullied her and slashed down their tires.

Does home insurance cover theft from a car in driveway?

Yes, if it is personal items not attached to the vehicle that is stolen (such as a laptop). If it attached to the vehicle (stereo, tires) it would go under the auto insurance policy. Also, the items must be owned by the policyholder.

Why didnt Christina Aguilera like her school?

Christina experienced resentment and bullying including an incident in which her peers slashed the tires on her family's car because of her singing talent.

Why is damage to tires due to unevenness of road surface excluded under an ordinary motor insurance?

Insurance is protection for sudden accidental loss. Your auto insurance does not cover normal expected expenses associated with vehicle ownership. Tire wear is normal and expected over time. Tires occasionally need to be replaced when the wear out just like occasional motor repairs and oil changes and and filling up the gas tank.

Do tire covers really help protect tires?

I have heard from several people that for everday you cover your tires on a vehicle, the longer the tires last. I hope that this information helps you.

If your tires are slashed is it possible to change them yourself like you would a flat tire or do you need a mechanic?

Depends; Are You Going To Just Remove The Tire From The Vehicle Or Remove The Tire From The Wheel. If Just Removing The Tire From The Vehicle Yes Do This As You Would Change A Flat. To Replace The Tire Or Tires. You Will Need To Remove The Tire Or Tires & Have New Tires Installed At A Tire Shop. Sears, Wal-Mart, Ect. Good Luck

Who was timothy Shepherd and why was he looking for Dally winston?

Tim Shepherd is looking for Dally in Chapter 2 because someone slashed the tires on his car, and Tim's brother Curly "spotted Dally doing it".

In a car accident my car skidded several feet. The tires look bald and the car rides rough. Why won't the company replace my tires after my close accident?

That is tough. What happened is you've flat spotted the tires. Skidding like you've said, grinding off that one portion of the tire, that remains locked up for some distance. You didn't have a collision with another vehicle, but you did dodge one. To insurance companies, I don't think this counts. You could call your insurance agent and explain you just saved them lots of money in a claim avoiding a collision and ruined your tires. However, in general, insurance companies do not cover damaged tires; that's considered "normal wear" and it's difficult to prove that the tires weren't already bald. If the tires are fairly new, you could try seeing if they're covered by a road hazard or tread life warranty; this would be through the place you had them installed.

Is there an insurance issue with two different high quality brands of mc tires front to rear?

There shouldn't be, as long as the tires are the proper size for the bike

Is there a company that offers car insurance for breakdowns?

"There are many companies that offer car insurance for breakdowns. This type of insurance is called MBI or Mechanical Breakdown insurance. This insurance often covers rental cars, towing, and replacement of tires."

Do BF Goodrich tires have a warranty?

BF Goodrich tires has an excellent warranty policy. They will cover any defects for up to the normal tread wear on the tire or up to six years on all their tires.

What is a sentence for vindictive?

Vindictive means revengeful, or out to avenge a perceived wrong.The vindictive girl slashed her ex-boyfriend's tires.Remembering the siege of Moscow, vindictive Russian troops killed many civilians in Berlin.

What size tire cover fits 2004 jeep liberty spare?

It depends on your tire size. The size listed on your tires will have to match the tire cover.

What are the betterments of car insurance?

First let me tell you that the goal of an insurance claim is to put you back into the same condition you were in before the loss occurred. The term betterment is used to describe situations where due to parts availability and such there may be times where you are actually put into a better position than before the incident occurred. A primary example of this is where your vehicle has badly worn tires on it and they are damaged so the insurance company replaces them with brand new tires. As this puts you in a much better position than you were in before the accident you will actually owe the insurance company a small amount for the betterment of the tires. In every case I have ever seen the insurance company is very lenient with this and usually overvalues your tires greatly to help you out.

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