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Q: Does it hurt liner of an above ground pool to put mulch around it?
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What mulch is good around above ground pools?

I hear that rubber mulch is the way to go. Supposedly you don't have to worry about replacing it for at least ten years.

Does celery grow above ground?

yes celery does grow above ground. you can mound dirt or mulch at the base to get that nice blanched white area at the base

What is a mulch?

A mulch is a covering of straw or compost, spread on the ground around plants to prevent excessive evaporation, to enrich the soil and to prevent weed growth

Does anyone know the damage a weed eater can cause to a above ground pool wall and liner. I believe this is what happened to my pool wall?

I have personally experienced the damage you are talking about. I got too close my pool with my weeder and it put 5 holes along the side. I had to replace my entire pool walls and liner. I sugggest that you put white rocks or mulch around your pool, it helps to prevent this from happening. Good luck.

Do bees live in the ground or mulch?

There are some that live in the ground

How do you work a mulch o meter on binweevils?

you click on the sigh above it and you can donate mulch!!

What type of mulch should be used around a newly planted Colorado Blue Spruce?

Any organic material will do just make sure the ground is well watered before you put the mulch on.

What is an invertebrate that is a scavenger that feeds on ground and mulch?


You know transplanted Peonies need the eyes to be at ground level but what about when one has 3 inches of cypress mulch in the new garden should the eye be at the level of the mulch or the dirt below?

Either scrape away the mulch around the eyes and leave them at soil level, the best method, or plant at mulch level.

Will the acid in wood mulch harm an above ground pool?

It may cause an exeleration in rust in the frame work holding it together if it is made of metal.

30 feet is how many bag of mulch?

how many bags of mulch will i need 2 inches thick and 30 feet of ground ?

Can car tires be recycled?

no They are ground up and reused as playground mulch

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