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Does it hurt the puppy when their mom carries them in her mouth?


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November 05, 2007 1:37AM

No, as the mothers mouth is designed perfectly to do this, but it would if we tried to carry them in the same way

No, the mother knows just how to carry them. It's an inherent trait, so don't worry. We have bred over 60 puppies and not one has ever been hurt by the mother carrying them with her mouth.

No it is pefectly fact how do you think lions carry theier young in the wild?..thats right bymouth. Not just lions but any other wild cat or dog(dingo) The dog has extra thick skin at the neck. But just be weary of where the mother is carrying the puppies up at and for the time it is carrying.. If it is at the neck then try and persude the dog to put the puppy down. Remember to not punish the mother for carrying the puppy for it is only instict(sp). Also remember that mothers are very very...did i say cery? protective of their young so give the mom some slack. -tawbrey