Does it hurt when you get braces for your teeth?

I know how you feel. Before I got my braces I was nervous because I had read so much on the internet about the pain being unbearable. I'm not going to lie, they do hurt, but it's more of an ache than pain. I remember being really nervous and also nervous before they were tightened. Do not worry. From my experiences this is what it is like:

When they put the brace on it does not hurt, however it feels like a heavy pressure (I assure you this is not a pain at all just you teeth feel heavy). To fix the brace on, glue is used and the ortho may tell you that the glue is going to taste horrible, but I kept my tongue away from my teeth (either flat against the bottom of my mouth or rolled up against the roof of my mouth) and never tasted the glue once, so don't worry. Also keep calm and don't tense up and feel free to breathe.

About 20-30 mins later the brace will begin to hurt. You can use painkiller to lessen the ache. I used Ibroprophen (is that the correct spelling?) and Paracetamol every 4 hours. You can take Ibroprophen then Paracetamol every 2 hours because they are different painkillers BUT YOU MUST ALTERNATE! Take Ibroprophen. Then 2 hours later take Paracetamol. And continue. Do not take Ibroprophen every 2 hours or paracetamol every 2 hours because that is overdosing. And check the box for instructions and allergy advice. You should know if you can't take it and if unsure CONSULT YOUR GP!!

Ok and to take your mind off it, visit friends or do something fun. You may hold your mouth oddly at first, but you'll get used to the metal in your mouth after a few days. You may also slur your words, but again this will improve. I saw my friends 2 days in a row from getting them on.

Ok so lets say about 5 days has passed. You should be in considerably less pain now, but when you eat it may still hurt. Break food into small pieces. And also, I ate chocolate and fudge, but kept it out of the fridge so it was soft. You can't eat anything hard (no chewing ice cubes either), sticky or gooey, so no caramel or toffee. You get the idea. Mouthwash and clean with your little brush at lunchtime and do a full brush, brace clean and mouthwash in morning and night NO MATTER WHAT! At the weekends I even brush with toothpaste a little at lunch as well.

The pain should be gone after about a fortnight completely, even when eating.

Ok, so now, when your brace is tightened, it will hurt for one day and maybe a night. I also was given little elastics to wear at night, and these only hurt the first night. You'll be shown how to wear these if needed. Take the painkillers if nesscary.When tightened,you brace will hurt for 2 days max hopefully.

The fun part is colours. I am from England and therefore, treatment is usually free :) however invisible costs. Your brace will probably be on for at least a year but you never know. I hope this helped, and make sure you ask your ortho any questions and listen to him/her well.