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Skylanders figures are universal. Any figure will work on any console platform

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Q: Does it matter if a xbox skylander goes on a wii portal?
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Is portal for Xbox?

Yes and Portal 2.

Is portal 2 only for xbox 360?

No, Portal 2 is also out for PS3 and PC.

Was Portal 2 released on the Wii?

No Portal 2 is for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Is portal 2 on xbox360?

Yes. Portal 2 is on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Can you make a neather portal on xbox?


Can you play portal 1 on xbox 360?

Yes. It is an Xbox 360 game.

How can you get portal 1 on your xbox 360 without xbox live or orangebox?

You can't.

Is there portal or portal 2 for PSP?

No, Portal is for PC only. Portal 2 is for PS3,Xbox 360,and PC. Plus it would suck on PSP.

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Portal 2 is exactly the same on both consoles.

Is portal 2 on ds?

No. Portal 2 is available on XBOX 360, PS3 and PC only.

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No, sadly you can not make an Aether portal on the Xbox Edition of Minecraft because the Aether is part of a mod. As of now, the Xbox Edition of Minecraft does not support mods.