Does it mean something if a guy always tries to get your attention and today he kind of said something dirty from a song but in a good way to see your reaction?

If you don't set your own rules for the respect you deserve and stand your ground then no one will do it for you. Never mind if someone calls you a prude or not ... you get the respect you ask for. By saying a comment even from a song that is dirty, isn't making points for this guy. He could be trying too hard, but let him know loud and clear you don't appreciate it and if he has something to say to you tell him to say it in plain English! By allowing this guy to say such things to you he is getting a whole different prospective of your personality than I am sure you would like him to have. You CAN make a silk purse out of a sows ear! In other words ... if you like him and he just appears to be putting his foot in his mouth everytime he opens it up, make it loud and clear to him to think before he speaks. Good luck Marcy