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"Yes you should get your boat insurance bundled with your car insurance though because you could get a much cheaper rate, and your home insurance could be included as well."

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2011-12-08 12:15:15
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Q: Does it pay to shop around for boat insurance?
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Does home insurance cover damage caused by raccoon's to boat interior that is stored at home?

No, you will need to look to your boat insurance to pay for damages to a boat.

Why do you need boat insurance?

In case your boat gets damaged so you pay less.

Do you have to pay extra for an orange car on insurance?

No a car is a car a boat is a boat a golf cart is a golf cart\

where can i get insurance that covers all auto repairs ?

US Fidelis offers insurance for auto-repairs. They pay the repair shop while you pay your monthly insurance cost to them

Can i keep the insurance check even if the body shop did the work?

no, you gotta pay the body shop with the check.

How much does a crab boat costs?

your health insurance should pay for your pubic lice treatments.

If i am at fault will your insurance pay for your damage?

sometimes they will pay and then they will turn around and sue YOU.

What do you do if there is money left over after you pay the body shop for repairing your car after an insurance claim?

You get to keep the money you have left over after paying the body shop. It is considered part of your insurance settlement.

Where does insurance claims money come from?

When you get insurance on a car, a house, a boat, you pay the insurance company money, known as premiums. The insurance company invests that money. When there is a claim, some of the premium, along with some of the interest from the invested money, is used to pay the claim.

Car accident and insurance paying for damages-deductiablewill they send the check if I don't put the car in the shop?

That depends on the insurance company. Some will send you a check, and others will only pay the shop.

Which car repair insurance is advertised on t.v. stating that they will pay directly to your repair shop?

What Co. advertising Car repair Insurance on TV?

Where can one purchase watercraft insurance?

Watercraft insurance can be bought at any insurance company. Most insurance companies carry boat or jetski insurance. You might have to pay a little more since it is a pleasure item and not a necessity item.

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