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Ladies, when wearing high heels it does take a lot of practice! whether there any old style or new style, you will feel much higher and proud. some women even feel that they are not on the floor! walk around in your heels around the house for a couple of hours and fit into them. you will than get use to the fact that your feet may hurt after wearing them for a long time. go ladies, show your style and don't be afraid of monster shoes!!!!!!!!

need anymore advice than talk to me once your logged in on (i need someone to talk to anyway also, my mum's a model so, i kind of know these things, I'm aysegulie)

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Q: Does it take a lot of practice to walk well in 4- or 5-inch stiletto high heel shoes?
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What is a Chunky heel?

Chunky heels are shoes that have a thick high heel. Some people find them easier to walk in than regular or stiletto heels.

Does an elephant stamping on your foot hurt more than an stiletto heel?

depends on what the stiletto heel is made of. if it's made of adamanthium, then no

Why wearing pencil heel shoes it is difficult to walk on the soft ground?

The thin stiletto heels would sink deeply on each step.

What kind of design are Christian Louboutin black shoes available in?

Louboutin shoes are primarily of the high heel and stiletto variety. This company's shoes are designed to be sexy, yet high class. One of their biggest clients is Danielle Steele.

Where can you buy high heels without the heels?

Shoes the have just a tiny bit of a skinny heel are called "kitten heels." They look like someone sliced off the heel. You can find them in lots of stores. If you wants shoes with no heel at all, those are called flats, and can be bought everywhere.-- You can buy platform heels with no actual stiletto on Ebay by searching "Heel less" or "no heel".

What are stilletos?

A stiletto heel is a long, thin, high heel found on some boots and shoes, usually for women. It is named after the stiletto dagger.small dagger: a small dagger with a narrow tapering bladepointed tool: a pointed tool for making holes in fabric or leatherstab somebody with stiletto: to stab somebody using a stiletto

Stiletto heels are more likely to mark floors?

Yes, since the stiletto heels are smaller they can create marks on the floors due to the pressure in the heel.

What are the best shoes for heel spurs?

best tennis shoes for heel spur

What is the area of a high heel shoe?

According to Physicists, the area of a stiletto high heel shoe for women is estimated at one sixteenth of a square inch.

Which retailers sell black high heel shoes?

There are many retailers that sell black high heel shoes. Nike shoe company sells black high heel shoes. In addition, Skechers sell black high heel shoes that are fashionable and comfortable.

How do you stop high heel shoes from slipping off at the heel?

There are things called heel guards. They create a fill between your heel and the shoe. It might be your shoes are a little big.

How tall could kitten heels be?

Kitten heels are usually between three and a half and four and three quarter centimeters high. If the heel is taller than that then it is considered a high heel or a stiletto heel depending on how thick the heel is.

What weapon lends its name to a type of woman's shoe with a slender tapered high-heel?


Do pentecostal women wear high heel shoes?

Pentecostal women do wear high heel shoes.

How high of a heel do tap dance shoes have?

They make high heel tap dance shoes. They also make tap dance shoes with normal heals.

What is stilletto shoes?

high heel more than 8cm and heel is sleek

Have they invented shoes with a removable heel?


What is a small dainty heel on a shoe called?

The Kitten Heel is a small dainty heel similar to a stiletto but not nearly so high and usually not as thin making them very comfortable to wear. They have remained popular with women through the decades, and are probably the only style of heel that has never gone out of fashion.

i have narrow heel with regular in toe where can i find shoe store that carries such shoes.?

where can i find shoes with b width in base but need narrower heel

What is the highest stilleto heel available for purchase?

The highest stiletto heel available for purchase is 9 inches, platform high heels may be considered higher than 9 inches and can be as high as you wish.

What are the shoes with the wheel in the heel called?


Who can tell me online store that sells leather running shoes?

You can visit The sell Negative heel shoes.Negative heel shoes are shoes designed to keep the heel slightly lower than the rest of the foot to promote proper alignment of the spine also it is made of leather.

Where can women's high heel shoes be bought?

Women's high heel shoes can be bought from many different stores and retailers. Some examples of stores that sell these shoes include Walmart, David's Bridal, and Shoebuy.

Where can shoes with 6 inch heels be purchased?

One can purchase six inch heel shoes from a number of different retailers that sell shoes for women. One can purchase six inch heel shoes online from websites such as Overstock, Zappos, and Amazon.

What is the difference between wedges shoes and high heels?

The difference between wedge shoes and high heels is in the sole and heel of the shoes. A wedge shoe has a high heel but is made so that the whole sole of the shoe touches the ground, from the heel to the toe. A high heel shoe has a tall post at the back and only the post and the toe of the shoe touch the floor.

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