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Yes it does take more air to play tenor sax because it is bigger. I play tenor and i started on alto and tenor sax needs more air. It's somewhat like transitioning from a tenor sax to a barry. it takes a crapload of air for a whole note.

By the way, should the sax family be: sopranino, soprano, tenor, alto, baritone, bass, contrabass in that order? I would also think that the amount of air goes up as you go from alto to tenor because it is larger in size. I can play a high D (tenor) for two bars. == ==

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Is a tenor saxophone easier to play?

The tenor saxophone is generally more difficult than the alto saxophone, one of the reasons being that the tenor sax is larger and heavier than the alto.

Can you use a tenor saxophone mouthpiece on an alto saxophone?

No, it would be too big.I play Alto Sax. I tried it.

What did john coltrane play?

tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, flute

How do you play poker face on the alto sax?

you can simply type in poker face sheet music for alto saxophone or tenor saxophone.

What cleff does Tenor and Alto Saxophone play in?

They both play in treble clef. Alto plays in the key of E flat, and tenor plays in the key of B flat.

What kind of saxophone should a sixth grade band player play?

You should play the either the alto saxophone or the tenor saxophone. The alto is a good size and most 6th graders play this type. The tenor is a little bigger, but not beyond reason. It is less common but just as easy to play.

What instrument does charlie Parker?

Parker began playing the saxophone at age 11.He used to play:Alto SaxophoneTenor Saxophone

Does epic sax guy play an alto or tenor sax?

Selmer Paris Mark VI Alto Saxophone

Can a alto saxophone mouth pieceChang with a tenor?

No. It may be possible to force an alto mouthpiece on a tenor neck or to seal a tenor mouthpiece on an alto neck, but the sax won't play properly in tune with the wrong size mouthpiece.

What are Physical Demands of an Alto Saxophone?

Just about anyone can play the Alto saxophone. It may be a little awkward if you are very tall. In that case I would subset the Tenor instead.

What are the 4 most common saxophone sizes?

From highest to lowest pitch: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone. The Soprano and Tenor are keyed in Bb The Alto and Baritone instruments are keyed in Eb. The baritone saxophone requires more lung capacity and is probably too large for a younger student. The soprano saxophone is the most difficult of these four to play in tune. Therefore most students of the saxophone begin on Alto or Tenor try others after they have some proficiency.

How do you play tenor saxophone?

It would be easier to play tenor saxophone if you know alto and if you do it's pretty much the same you will find it is quite difficult at first but it's easy after you learn the basics. If you've never play any saxophone before i suggest you start of with an alto rent one and practice if it's easy try tenor and give yourself a challenge.

Can you play fireflies on tenor saxophone?

yes u can you can look up the music they have the music for tenor and alto i don't think they have it for barey.

Is tenor saxophone the same as an alto saxophone?

No, the tenor saxophone is larger and has a lower range of sound than the alto sax, although a good player can play very high notes as well. It tends to sound a little more "mellow" than the alto sax. If one learns the tenor sax it's a fairly easy switch to also play the clarinet and the soprano sax (they are written in the same key, so the fingerings are similar). An alto sax player can fairly easily learn to play the baritone sax, also.

What woodwind families have instruments voiced soprano alto tenor and bass?

Soprano: flute, piccolo, oboe, clarinet, soprano saxophone. Alto: english horn, alto saxophone. Tenor: tenor saxophone, alto clarinet (despite its name, it is usually used as a tenor instrument). Bass: bassoon, contrabassoon, bass/contrabass clarinets, baritone saxophones. Of course, since woodwind instruments typically have a greater range than human voices, there is considerable overlap between parts. Bassoons frequently play the tenor part, and clarinets often play the alto part.

What kind of saxophone does Bill Clinton play?

he plays an alto and an em Winston BOSTON tenor sax

How do you play c flat on tenor saxophone?

You cant play the c flat on the tenor saxophone.

Is it easy to play the baritone saxophone?

It's not hard, but I suggest playing a tenor saxophone first. ~ DO NOT PLAY TENOR SAX FIRST! It is in a different key! BARI SAX IS REALLY EASY FOR YOU TO PLAY! But if you want to play another saxophone first, if any, you should play Alto! Because they are both in the key of E-flat! Tenor sax is in the key of B-flat!

How tall do you think you would have to be to play a bari saxophone?

Well I play alto,tenor and bari but to play bari it doesn't really depend on you height more your strength because it is heavey

Is it easier to learn to play the tenor or alto saxophone?

neither one is easier than the other. the fingering is the same, its just the size and that alto is Eb ( E flat ) and tenor is Bb ( B flat ).

Is alto saxophone a good instrument to play for the first time?

Definitely! Start on the alto, then, if you get good, go to the tenor or soprano or baritone or bass or contrabass or subcontrabass:)

Does Kenny g play the oboe?

Kenny's main instrument is the soprano saxophone, but he also plays the alto and tenor sax on occasion.

Is a tenor saxophone better than an alto saxophone?

Well, that depends on your personal opinion. I have played and own both. So, make your own decision (the bolded bullets are the biggest differences):Both the Tenor and Alto are in the middle-range of pitch, so they are both very versatile instruments.Both have a very recognizable and quite beautiful (If I do say so myself) shape and sound.The Tenor can play lower notes than the Alto, while the Alto can play higher notes than the Tenor.The Tenor is in the key of Bb, while the Alto is in the key of Eb.The Tenor is larger than the Alto, while the Alto is smaller than the Tenor.Both are relatively easy to play, but in general, larger people with larger mouths, hands, and lungs have an easier time playing the Tenor; while smaller people with smaller mouths, hands, and lungs have an easier time playing the Alto. (That's not to say that big fat men don't play Alto and tiny skinny women don't play the Tenor; it's just an observation.)The Tenor often takes more lung-power than the Alto, while the Alto often takes more mouth-power.Of the two instruments, the Tenor is more likely to play harmony and the Alto more likely to play melody, but they're pretty much equal.They have the same fingerings, but read different music.I may have missed some comparisons, but I think that covers most of it (at least the basics). It is pretty easy to switch between the two, and I have to say that I would HATE to have to choose between the two. They're great instruments.

Does a soprano saxophone play the same as alto saxophone?

Yes and no. Yes, the fingerings are all the same and the embouchure is almost the same. No, an alto saxophone plays in the key of Eb. A soprano saxophone plays in the key of Bb (the same key as the tenor.) So the music is different but actually playing them is the same.

What size are the 4 main saxaphones?

The alto saxophone and the saprano saxophone are about the same size which is 2-3 feet. The tenor saxophone is around 3 to 3 1/2 feet. Finally, the baritone saxophone is about 5 feet. I'm not entirely sure about there sizes i play three of the four (alto tenor and baritone) and the baritone is a few inches below my chin and my chin is at 5' 2''

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