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Most states restrict underage drinking, and anyone under 21 is held to a 0.00 limit. BTW, 3 beers within a relatively short period of time would bring most people near the .08 limit. You would need to refer to a chart or even more accurately, submit to a breath test to determine if you are close to the .08 limit.

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It all depends on what you call legally drunk. I have talked with police officers and it is all their discretion. If you are being obnoxious and had even one drink they can tag you for drunkenness. As for any other definitions of being legally drunk I do not know and think it would depend on the context. Drunk driving in many provinces and states is 0.08. Using the "Rule of Eights", which is 8 times proof ounces divided by weight in pounds for a normal male, a 175 pound male can have 1.75 ounces of alcohol to achieve 0.08 BAC. That translates to about three beers at 5%. Some states have an additional limit of 0.04 BAC for "impaired", which translates to 1.5 beers. For females, change the 8 to a 10 to account for the slightly higher body fat ratio of a female.

It depends on each individual. Some people may be drunk after one or two, while some may not get drunk until after three or four beers. It varries based on each individual person and their own bodies's ability to regulate and handle and process alcohol.

Three in one hour would make him legally drunk. As far as the mental effects, it's up to his tolerance.

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.1 used to be the legal limit in all U.S. states, but many have lowered that level to .08. If you are of typical body mass, three drinks in one hour can get you legally drunk.

That depends on whether he is a beginning drinker or whether he is developing a tolerance for alcohol (a sign of alcoholism). For a naive drinker, three to five American beers should do the job.

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If you can't stand up, you've had too much.Too many variables. It will depend on these factors:How fast the beer is drunkHow strong the beer is (it can vary from 3.2% to over 12%!)How much you weighWhether you are eating while drinkingWhat is your tolerance? For example, if you drink two beers a year, your alcohol tolerance will be lower than if you drink two beers a week.In general, more than three beers in one day is a bit excessive.

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"Three sheets to the wind" means drunk. It comes from ships with loose sails, that staggered like a drunk person.

Studies suggest that drinking the maximum of three beers per day is okay. However, this of course varies depending on your age and other health ailments you may have.

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Since there is no standard measurement for degree of effacement, there is no way to answer the question accurately. However, if you are referring to being drunk, drunkenness progresses faster the more you drink, because your body falls behind in its efforts to clear the alcohol from your system. For example, the body can clear one standard drink (roughly one 12-ounce American beer) per hour. If you drink five beers in five hours, you will not be drunk at all at the end of the hour after you finish the beer. If, however, you drink the 5 beers in three hours, you are likely to exceed the legal limit to drive, and drinking them over a 1-hour period guarantees you will be drunk, whether you believe you are or not.

Three sheets to the wind means you are drunk.

"i think he should have drank it all by now"Yikes! NO -- that is the wrong form of the verb for that sentence.This is the proper form, "I think he should have drunkall of it by now."The "opinion" there isn't very strong."I thought he was really stupid for driving home after he drank three beers."

First get three beers, then go to the jail and use them on joe (don't drink them!)

It really doesn't have a decisive amount. It really depends on the person drinking it. But usually about three will start to get you drunk.

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