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No, every woman is different and every pregnancy is different some women experience more or less nausea changing with every pregnancy she has. So just because you have less nausea doesn't mean you will miscarry so just relax and enjoy your good luck!

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Q: Does less nausea while pregnant mean you will miscarry?
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Is it it possible to miscarry less than a week after conceive?


What symptoms would you have if you are pregnant while on the pill?

If you are on the pill it is unlikely that you are pregnant. If you did get pregnant you would have the same symptoms as if you were not on the pill. Nausea, fatigue, tender breasts, heartburn, frequent urination. Missing a period COULD be a sign - but would be less reliable because you are taking hormones. At home pregnancy tests will work even if you are on the pill.

Does pregnant teens take drugs while being pregnant?

Taking drugs while pregnant may seriously deform your baby. Addicts are less likely to be able to keep their babies.

Can still be pregnant while taking chemotherapy?

Yes, you can be pregnant while taking chemotherapy. Chemotherapy has little effect on the ability to become or remain pregnant. However, the effects on the resulting child are less clear.

Can you eat tuna while your pregnant?

Due to high mercury levels in tuna it is best to limit the amount you eat while pregnant and/or breastfeeding to 8 to 12 oz a week or less.

How can you detox your body from marijuana while pregnant?

Don't smoke. It being in your system will not hurt the baby. Smoking it while pregnant can due to the chemicals caused by conbustion. It will be out of your system in 30 days or less.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy if you are on Depo-Provera?

AnswerIf you mean what are some similarities in side affects of the depo and being pregnant some of them are: breast tenderness, no periods or less bleeding, weight gain or loss, nausea, and other things less common. Its different in every woman but usually the same symptoms when your not on any contraceptive medication. If you suspect pregnancy see your doctor.Its unlikely to become pregnant while on DEPO. If you think you're pregnant, take a pregnancy test. The symptoms would be the same symptoms as any woman gets when she's pregnant.

Can you naturally get pregnant after a tubal ligation?

The chance of spontaneously becoming pregnant after a tubal ligation is less than 1 in 300. While very slim, it does happen.

Can you have caffeine while pregnant?

No. Caffeine constricts the blood vessels, thus providing the developing fetus with less blood.

Is it ok to ride in an 18 wheeler while pregnant?

You could ride in one, although I would think it would be a less-than-ideal place for a pregnant woman to be.

Can i drink cappicino while pregnant?

You should limit your caffeine while pregnant. So don't make it a hobby of drinking it all the time. You should have one cup or less of coffee a day. But one cappuccino won't hurt.

Is having morning sickness a good sign that you will be less likely to miscarry a pregnancy?

No. There is no link between the risk for miscarriage and morning sickness.

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