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Does literature consist entirely of masterpieces?

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2007-06-27 17:21:27

Of course not. There are as many horribly written books (maybe

lots more) in literature as there are well-written "classics." I

suppose it partially depends on your definition of masterpiece, but

literature is everything that anyone published at any point... in

whatever language, of whatever quality. And, believe me, there is a

LOT of junk that gets published. To illustrate, walk through a

bookstore sometime, and instead of heading straight for the section

where you usually shop, or that appeals to you, start browsing

other sections. I guarantee that you will find several books that

you would never, ever read even if they were the last books on

Earth. There is an awful lot of good stuff as well... but just like

television with a b'zillion channels, you have to pick and choose

to find what is good. Just because someone puts it on TV doesn't

make it good. Same with books.

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