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Does making yourself sick make you thin?

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I'm sorry, but WikiAnswers is meant to be a place where questions are answered that are there to help or educate or assist a person. Suggesting a method that encourages vomiting as a method of weight loss, a sign of the Eating Disorder Bulimia (a potentially fatal and life-endangering disease) would not be helping, but would be promoting this dangerous life style.

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Does making yourself sick help you to lose weight fast?

Not usually.Making yourself sick for the purpose of losing weight is called purging. Purging or vomiting after eating does not usually make you lose weight fast. The question is subjective. Does it mean fast as in a day or does it mean fast as in, say, 90 days?Making yourself sick after eating is not the same as being sick with a virus and vomiting for days beyond your control. Illness may make one lose some pounds but that weight comes right back after balance is restored to the body.Bulimia is an eating disorder where people make themselves sick after eating. After long periods of eating then purging, the person can lose some weight. I say some weight because if you starve the body long enough you can lose weight. It will not happen overnight. The weight comes right back after resuming normal eating.Purging and making yourself sick is both physically and mentally harmful. It's a dangerous cycle of abuse that creates shame and internal conflicts. Repeatedly getting sick can deplete your body of necessary electrolytes like sodium and potassium and in extreme cases can cause cardiac anomalies and even death.Getting sick to lose weight can leave you dehydrated and if you go too long without food, your body goes into starvation mode and clings on to every calorie it gets. You might end up actually gaining more weight than you intended.Some people like to go on a cleansing fast to lose weight fast; say before getting into a wedding dress, going to a special event like a Prom, or to jump-start a healthy weight loss program. Done in moderation and with balance, this can help you lose a few pounds quickly but making yourself sick or staying on a fast without any nutrients is foolish, unhealthy and dangerous.There are plenty of great tasting, affordable, and nutritional weight loss programs that feature replacing a meal with a drink or a shake that can help you lose weight faster than making yourself sick.Ultimately, getting on a balanced weight loss routine will help you lose weight and keep it off instead of having to resort to getting thin quick schemes that cause more harm than good.Whatever you decide to do to lose weight fast, making yourself sick should not be one of them. It's all about being balanced.Don't take in more food than your body can use for fuelGet plenty of exercise on a regular basisIf you have concerns about your weight, body image, or self esteem, please talk to someone you trust seek their advice.

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