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Does mechinal waves have radio waves?


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no, mechanical waves are not radio waves


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It is not a synonym, in any case. Mechanical waves can be both longitudinal and transverse. Electromagnetic waves are transverse.

Radio waves were discovered before the radio was invented.

Radio waves ARE electromagnetic waves.

No. Radar waves are one category of radio waves. Think of all the radio waves that are all around you right now . . . AM radio, FM radio, police and fire radio, highway patrol radio, taxi radio, television picture and sound radio waves, cellphone radio waves, garage-door-opener radio waves, bluetooth radio waves, WiFi waves, microwaves ... and you can't see any of them ! Radar waves can easily be there in the group.

Both, Light waves and Radio wave are electromagnetic waves. Light waves have a higher frequency than radio waves. Radio waves have longer wavelengths than Light waves.

Radio waves are electromagnetic waves occurring on the radio frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

No. Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic waves; electroctromagnetic waves are transverse waves.

How are radio waves formed?

Radio waves.Radio waves.

radio waves are not dangerous.

radio waves are detected by using radio receiver

Radio telescopes detect radio waves.

how are radio waves be used- well they are used by sound waves like as in u can hear sond waves but radio waves is where you are in the car and u are listening for instance capital fm that is radio waves Hope It Helped Hennddyyyy:) :D

Radio and light waves are electromagnetic waves, sound waves are not.

Radio waves are electromagnetic waves, and they carry energy.

Transverse. Radio waves are electromagnetic waves, which are transverse.

The ionosphere reflects AM radio waves.

No, radio waves are not matter.

both the radio waves and infrared waves travels at the same speed but different in their frequency and wavelengthRadio waves:In radio waves wavelength is large(1 to 100km) and frequency is smallRadio waves are less energetic than infrared wavesInfrared waves:In infrared waves wavelength is small (0.7-30 micrometer) and frequency is largeInfrared waves are more energetic than radio waves

Gamma waves have more energy than radio waves because they have a higher frequency than radio waves.

Radio waves are electromagnetic waves. The radio waves have the longest wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum. A radio wave has a much longer wavelength than does visible light. We use radio waves extensively for communications.

Radio waves can carry sound signals. But by definition radio waves are not sound waves. Radio waves can travel in a vacuum, but sound waves need a physical medium.To explain the apparent contradiction, the sound wave is converted to an electrical signal version that is then used to modulate the radio signal.No it is not

Radio Waves - radio station - was created in 2010.

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