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Q: Does metal react with copper chloride?
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Is copper chloride a metal?

Metal is a category of elements but copper chloride is not an element. It is a compound made from chlorine and copper. Among these copper is a metal and chlorine is a non-metal.

What happen when copper react with dilute HCL?

It forms copper chloride and water.

Are copper chloride and solid metal element are same?

No. Copper chloride isn't an element, since it has both copper and chlor in it.

Is copperII chloride a metal?

No copper (II) chloride is an ionic compound.

What is the name of metal in the compound of copper chloride?

Since it is called copper chloride, seems pretty obvious it's going to be copper.

Does copper and chloride form a covalent compound?

Copper chloride form ionic bond. Copper exists as cuprous and cupric. It react with chlorine and ionic bonds are formed.

What does copper not react with?

copper reacts to a lot of things but does not react to some common pieces like metal

Which metal is best at reclaiming copper from the used copper chloride solution?


When copper metal reacts with sulfuric acid?

Copper metal does not have enough reactivity to react with sulfuric acid.

What are the effects of chlorine on copper?

Chlorine and copper combine to form either copper(I) chloride, CuCl, or copper(II) chloride, CuCl2. Copper(I) chloride is also called cuprous chloride, and is a white solid that is not very soluble in water. Copper(II) chloride is also called cupric chloride and is a yellowish-brown solid that is soluble in water.Added:Chlorine will make copper to be oxidized. Cupric chloride will be formed.Cu (-2e-) + Cl2 (+2e-) --> CuCl2

Will Silver metal react with a solution of copper sulfate and vice versa?

They do not react.

What is balance chemical equation for lead react with copper chloride?

PbCl2 + Cu