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No. most of Africa is actually Islamic. There is a minority of people in Africa who practice Tribal religions and other religions lke Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism, but the majority is Muslim

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South Africa has the most Christians. They practice this religion 4 times per week.

Traditionally, various forms of tribal religions have been most practiced. In North Africa, Islam is widespread. Today, Christianity is also a large part of Africa's religion.

tribal(native) The major religion for black people in America is not tribal. "Tribal" isn't a religion. I'm black and most of us are Baptists, Methodists or Muslim.

They practice Roman Catholic religion

Panama's most common religion practice is Roman Catholicism.

Islam is the traditional religon of Western Africa, there is some Chirsianity, and there is also indigeous beliefs. Its mostly Islam that is practised in Western Africa.

The people you're describing speak mainly dialects of Arabic, and practice Islam.

The most common religion in North Africa is Islam.

Christianity is the second most common religion in Africa, with Islam being the most common.

The most popular religion in South Africa is Christianity (68% of the country are Christians)

West Africa. Most of them were prisoners-of-war in tribal conflicts.

Much of North Africa are Muslims, and Southern Africa are Christians. The most common religion is Islam.

Yes, there are many. However most are minor tribal religions.

Most people in the middle east practice islam

Most Taiwanese practice a combination of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism.

See the CIA World Factbook for a quick reference of each nation's religion.There are 47 to 53 countries considered African (depending if the islands are considered part of the continent). All religions of the world can be found in Africa, with Islam, Christianity and traditional/tribal being the most common.

Kenya has a lot of tribal wars. Most countries in Africa have a lot of tribal wars. It is devastating. A lot of children die everyday. It is one of the reason why they are so poor.

The Muslim religion is practiced with the majority.

In Poland, most people practice catholicism, though this is not the only religion.

Islam is the religion most common in the Central Asian Republics

Most of the africans are Muslims as well as christians! The northern and western countries of Africa are mostly Muslim. The southern countries of Africa are mostly Christian. The third most popular religion in Africa is Baha'i

Most people in the Middle East today practice Islam.

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