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Yes, I think that it should. It shows that you paid on time and that you can make the payments. Alot of times rent is more expensive than an actual morgage payment. I know our rent is:( But since we are only here for 2 years, that is why we don't buy.

2006-08-14 21:43:57
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Can you get a mortgage with 120.000 deposit earnings of 10.000 and aged 51yrs?

Mortgages are granted based on many factors, not just earnings and savings. However, cash reserves and earnings, along with credit score and credit history, are given the most weight when determining if one qualifies.Your age does not matter as age discrimination is illegal. You could even get up to a 40 year loan. No problem.You will need at least a 580 credit score to have a chance of qualifying for any type of prime interest rate or program, such as FHA or a Fannie Mae conventional loan.You can check your credit report and score online for free at Make sure you check for any errors and follow the steps to repair them. Credit report errors are the main reason why people cannot qualify for a mortgage who otherwise have good income, reserves, etc.If your credit score is above a 580, i would estimate you would qualify for a $200-$300 thousand mortgage, depending on your debt ratio.

How much weight does a credit report have for rental housing applicants?

A credit report will carry a lot of weight for rental housing applicants depending on the rental agency. Many times a credit report will determine the amount of deposit needed to rent the property.

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When investment companies convert mortgages into securities it causes a big boom in the economy. It is more profitable selling a mortgage when there is a big boom in the economy as the demand of mortgages out weight the supply of them.

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How To Decide Between Paying Off Your Mortgage And Increasing Your Savings?

If you’re one of the lucky individuals who has some extra spending money left over at the end of the month, you might find yourself asking the question of what’s exactly the best thing to do with it. Go out for a nice dinner? Save it? The list of things you could put that money towards seems endless.One of the things that people like to put their extra money towards is paying off their mortgage. Many people don’t like that huge mortgage balance hanging over their heads and putting a little extra down on your mortgage here and there to pay it off early seems like a good idea. But is it?The answer, of course, is it depends. It depends on several factors but most importantly it depends on the current interest rate on your mortgage and the interest rate you could earn if you were to save it.Let’s look at an example to see how choosing one way or the other can make sense. Let’s say a person has a traditional 30 year mortgage at 6% and is in the 28% tax bracket. One of the great advantages of having a mortgage is that the interest paid on it is tax deductible. For someone in the 28% tax bracket, that means they are paying an effective interest rate of 4.32% after the tax deduction (6% * (1-.28)).For this borrower, the decision as to whether or not they should pay down the mortgage early or save it comes down to if they can earn a return greater than 4.32% on their money. If they can, it makes more sense to save the money. If not, paying down the mortgage would be the better option.This is spoken from a purely mathematical point of view. There are less objective factors that need to be taken into account too. For example, if you need to take on a greater level of risk than you are comfortable with to obtain that 4.32% rate of return you may choose to pay off the mortgage instead. Also, some people just simply prefer to be out from under the weight of a mortgage and that’s reason enough to pay down the mortgage regardless of the chance to earn a better return. That’s OK too.The bottom line is that if you’re choosing between paying down your mortgage and saving your money you’re ahead of most people already because you’re going to come out ahead either way.

What fico credit scoring factors carries the greatest weight?

Payment history

What FICO credit scoring factor carries the greatest weight?

Payment history

Which of the following FICO credit scoring factors is carries the greatest weight?


When dealing with FICO credit scoring factors is carries the greatest weight?


Where can I inquire anything about car loans?

Applying for an auto loan counts as an "inquiry" on your credit report. While the number of inquiries is a factor in your credit score, it generally has a relatively small impact, with elements such as past payment history and use of credit receiving much more weight in the score. If you make multiple applications for a car loan within a 45-day window, it lessens the impact because most of the credit bureaus realize you're shopping for a car loan. Read more: Does car loan inquiry hurt credit score?

Can you get a mortgage loan with a credit score of 572 with 10 percent down?

Yes, you should be able to. You could possibly qualify for a FHA loan which doesn't put all of the weight of the file on credit scores OR you can look into obtaining a non-conforming loan with a non-conforming lender. Your main stream lenders also offer these type products. Be aware that there is a very good chance that you will have a higher interest rate.

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Does the primary borrower receive any benefit to their credit rating when there is a cosigner on the loan?

This debt will appear on your credit report as a joint debt. It will bare just as much weight on your credit report as if it were in your name alone.

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Credit reports are lifetime cumulative records of your financial history. They are with you forever, however, the older the judgment AND if you maintain a good credit history after the judgment, the less weight it carries.

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That would depend on which type. Squatting is a term for an exercise, performed by holding weight on your shoulders and keeping your back straight as you bend at the knees. However, since this is posted under Business & Finance, I assume you are asking about the following in regards to housing... Squatting is also a term for a person that stays in a vacant building or home, thus living there and not paying any rent/mortgage.