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No, it means great or super.

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Q: Does prima mean happy in Deutsch?
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What does auf deutsch alles gute zum geburtstag mean?

"auf Deutsch" = in German "alles Gute zum Geburtstag" = Happy birthday (this is how they say "Happy birthday", though it's not a literal translation)

What does deutsch mean in English?

"Deutsch" means "German."

What does prima gusto mean?

prima gusto

What does deutsch mean in German?

Deutsch or deutsch translates as: "German" in German. hence, "Deutschland" meaning: Germany

What does prima mean in spanish?

Prima means cousin in English.

What does mensa prima mean?

Prima mensa means prime table

What does prima mean in German?

"Prima" is Italian for "first," as in Prima Donna, the first lady, or star of the production. In German it is untranslated, "prima," and is slang for "great" or "super."

What does auch noch deutsch mean?

auch noch deutsch = also German; German as well

How do you say happy birthday to female cousin in spanish?

Feliz cumpleaños, prima!

What does prima mean in English?

Prima means first (or most important) in English.As in 'Prima facie', meaning 'on first appearances'. Literally 'First Face'.

What is does Deutsch mean in English?

It means german.

What does mi prima mean in spanish?

Prima is the Spanish word for "female cousin." Primo is "male cousin."

What does wann beginnt deutsch am mean?

Wann beginnt deutsch am is parts of two questions:wann beginnt Deutsch? means when does German start? (as in German class)Beginnt Deutsch am ____ ? means does German start at _____ (With a time in the blanks e.g.)

What does la prima mean?

female cousin

What does prima dona mean?

First Lady.

What does prima voce mean?

first voice

What does 'prima' mean and how is it used?

Jessica and Janelle are cousins. In spanish cousin/s is said primo/a that's why the name of the duo is called Prima J.

What does esta binita prima mean in Spanish?

Assuming binita is bonita, then esta prima bonita is: This pretty cousin.

What does deutsch mean?

It is the word for "German" in the German language.

In deutsch what does immer frech mean?

Always impudent.

What does auf deutche mean?

"auf Deutsch" = in German

What does mi prima mean?

It means 'my [female] cousin.'

What does latin word Prima mean?

First (feminine).

What does this mean Es ist nicht deutsch?

It means 'it is not german'.

What does dein deutsch ist gut mean?

Your German is good.