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No, RNA is the cells' chemical messenger that carries instructions from DNA in the nucleus to the rest of the cell about when to make proteins and which ones. DNA makes RNA however the process does involve some enzymes that are proteins

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Q: Does protein form RNA
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How are RNA and messenger RNA related?

RNA is a nucleic acid,messenger RNA is a form of RNA that carries the instructions for making a protein form a gene and delivers it to the site of translation

What is the form of RNA that carries the code from the DNA to the site where the protein is assembled?

messenger RNA

What does messenger RNA have to form?

Its an intermediate message that is translated to form a protein

What is the form of RNA that carries the code from the DNA to site where the protein is assemble?

Messenger RNA (mRNA)

How does each form of RNA function in the cell?

RNA builds the protein which the information is given by DNA

What is one form of RNA that that serves as a template for protein synthesis It is transcribed from DNA and then translated at ribosomes to produce a protein?

Messenger RNA (mRNA)

What form of RNA carries the code from DNA to protein?


What can be translated into a protein?

Messenger RNA is translated to form proteins .

Where protein is assembled form the messgae on the RNA?

The first protein that is coded for in any human RNA strand is met. From there on out, the specific proteins depend on the individual.

The process of assembling a protein form RNA is called?

Translation is the process where ribosomes synthesize proteins from RNA.

How is RNA converted into a protein?

RNA is not converted into protein, it codes for protein.

Does RNA make DNA which makes protein?

DNA makes RNA, RNA makes protein.

What do the three kinds of RNA do?

1. Messenger RNA (mRNA) acts as an intermediary between DNA and ribosomes, and is translated into protein by ribosomes. 2. Transfer RNA (tRNA) delivers amino acids to the ribosome complex as mRNA is translated into protein. 3. Ribosomal RNA (RRNA) binds with protein to form ribosomes needed for protein synthesis.

Does translation represent DNA-RNA or RNA -protein?

translation represents rna to protein. at this stage the mrna is converted to protein in the cytosol in eukaryotes

Where is protein assembled from the message of RNA?

where protein is assembled from the message on the RNA

Is an RNA a protein?

No, RNA is a Nucleic Acid. RNA is used to create protein through a long process.

What is the type of RNA that carries the coded message which specifies the sequence of amino acids that will form the protein called?

mRNA (messenger RNA)

How many types of RNA exist?

The different types of RNA are as follows:Messenger RNA :Messenger RNA (mRNA) carries information about a protein sequence to the ribosomes, the protein synthesis factories in the cell.Ribosomal RNA:In the cytoplasm, ribsomal RNA (rRNA) and protein combine to form a nucleoprotein called a ribosome. The ribosome serves as the site and carries the enzymes necessary for protein synthesis.Transfer RNA:Transfer RNA (tRNA) contains about 75 nucleotides, three of which are called anticodons, and one amino acid. The tRNA reads the code and carries the amino acid to be incorporated into the developing protein.

How does DNA differ functionally from RNA?

DNA contains genes and a sequence of bases in most genes, it determines the amino acid sequence of a proteinRNA has 3 functionsMessenger RNA (mRNA) carries the code for a protein, contains the coding gene from DNA to ribosomesRibosomal RNA (rRNA) combines with proteins to form ribosomes, the structures that link amino acids to form a protein.Transfer RNA (tRNA) carries amino acids to the ribosomes.

What is the correct order dna-RNA-protein or dna-protein-RNA or RNA-protein-dna?

It's DNA - RNA - protein. DNA encoding a gene is transcribed to mRNA or messenger RNA by RNA polymerase. The RNA is then translated into a protein sequences at the ribosome. tRNA's or transfer RNA's act like a dictionary for the translation. They can recognize a code of three nucleotides (a codon) in the RNA and bring the corresponding amino acid to the right place at the ribosome, where it is ligated to the rest of the protein. A protein is a chain of amino acids. see

Contrast the three main types of rna?

mRNA - messenger RNAmRNA carries the code for a protein sequence which has been transcribed from a strand of DNA and can be translated back into the protein sequence by ribosomesrRNA - ribosomal RNARibosomes structural and functional components are rRNA and proteins. Ribosomes translate the protein sequence code carried by mRNAtRNA - transfer RNARNA links amino acids to form protein chains

The form of RNA that carries the code from DNA to the site of protein assembly is called what?


Which form of RNA carries the code from DNA to the site where protein is synthesized?

Messenger R.N.A.

What is the form of RNA that carries the code from the DNA to the sites where the protein is assembled?

mRNA or (messenger)

What controls the production of enzymes?

An enzyme is a protein. First of all, RNA which is a copy of DNA is formed to be translated by ribosomes. Each 3 letters form a specific amino acid. These amino acids are combined together by RNA to form a protein.