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Does raf club really help as a pilot?

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an RAF pilot was a person who flew an aircraft in battle.Another ViewAn RAF pilot was a pilot who worked for the Royal Air force (RAF).

no. you need an "A" in maths and science and an "A*" would help alot.

An RAF pilot IS a member of the British Armed Forces serving in the Royal Air Force (RAF) with the duty and responsibility for flying military aircraft.

He graduated as RAF search and rescue pilot.

He was seconded to Pilot Officer.

Nope - Aircraft controls don't require the pilot to be right-handed.

Someone who flies a plane in the Royal Air Force (Britain) Improvement--- You can fly in the RAF and fly jets etc... (after LOTS of training) OR You can fly as a commercial pilot, transporting troops

24,615 pounds $38,153.25 USD

No, you cannot enter pilot training in the RAF if you wear glasses.

24,615 pounds $38,153 USD in 2012

karnoven lloyd gilbert .....tropang potchi.........

When i was in the RAF in the 60's-70's our cargo pilots took many risks. Flying cumbersome slow aircraft into battle situations, with enemy determined to shoot you down is not fun.

After training about 36k. This would increase year after year

You might want to look on airline websites(commercial pilot) or for army go to the website e.g. RAF....

Depends on the type of pilot. Working as a Pilot for a company such as the RAF would require 20/20 vision. However just a pilot of a private plane may be ok.

usual a few years with all the right training

The German Stuka pilot Hans-Ulrich Rudel was one , he was missing one leg . RAF pilot Douglas Bader was a pilot who had lost both his legs .

Prince William qualified as a pilot in September at RAF Valley in North Wales

I spent 20 years in the RAF as a pilot, left in 1990 as squadron leader, and get about £12,000/year (still working!).

He is now working for RAF Valley on No. 22 squadron performing co-pilot duties

Roald Dahl was a salesperson for Shell and later worked for the RAF as a fighter pilot.