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Natural rubber, latex, is derived from the sap of the rubber tree. A great deal of what is called rubber these days is one of several different synthetic rubbers.

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Q: Does rubber come exclusively from rubber trees?
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Does rubber come from the rainforest?

yes it does.from rubber trees.

Does rubber come from rubber trees?

Yes yes it does cause you use that rubber to make tires for your car

Where is the materials for a hammer come from?

the matierials for a metal hammer are wood(trees) and metal ore(from the ground) The matierials for a rubber mallet are rubber (rubber trees)wood(tree) The matierials for a wooden mallet are wood(trees)

What other plant products do not come from trees cotton or rubber?


Are tires really made from trees?

Rubber comes from rubber trees, tires are made with rubber.

Where is rubber obtained?

From rubber trees.

How does rubber trees reproduce?

Rubber trees don't reproduce. This is a stupid question. Everyone knows that rubber trees are made by beavers.

Are rubber trees producers or consumers?

Rubber trees are NOT alive so they are neither.

What are rubber trees used for?

To make rubber.

Is rubber made of trees?

Latex rubber is made from the sap of rubber trees. Most of the rubber used today, though, is a petrochemical derivative.

What do rubber tappers do?

they use trees made of rubber

Where the rubber came from?

originally it came from rubber trees

Are olive trees and rubber trees related?


Is there a rubber band tree?

Well, there are rubber trees, but you have to turn the rubber in the tree into rubber bands

Do rubber trees exist?

Yes rubber trees do exist. See the related links for more information.

Where can you get rubber?

The rubber that comes from oil is called 'synthetic rubber'. The rubber that comes from trees is called 'natural rubber'.

What are rubber tappers?

A rubber tapper is a person who goes into the forest (or into the rubber plantation, which may be located in a rain forest) and cuts little holes in the bark of certain trees and collects (rubber) sap from the trees. Doing this does not harm the trees.

Where do rubber come from?

one type ccomes from the oils in trees and the other one is made from a whole bunch of chemicals

What is Liberia famous for?

rubber trees

Is latex made from rubber?

yes it is made out of rubber trees and latex

Is rubber a nonrenewable?

you can get more rubber from rubber trees but the difficult bit is getting rid of what we got

Where do you find rubber trees?

you can find them in many different countries but i do know that Indonesia, Vietnam and Sri-Lanka have rubber trees.

How many rubber trees per acre?

150-200 trees

How do rubber trees turn into natural rubber?

Wikipedia has a good article about rubber natural rubber. see the related link.

What is rubber planation?

A rubber plantation is a kind of plantation where rubber trees (Pará rubber tree or Hevea brasiliensis) are growing.