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You will use more gas when your air conditioner is running.

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Q: Does running the air conditioner in your car waste gas?
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Can you heat a car without running the compressor?

In a car the heat usually comes from engine "waste heat". You just need to be running the engine. The compressor is part of the air conditioner, which is used for cooling not heating.

Does the air conditioner in your car start when you turn on the air conditioner?


Why is your car's air conditioner blowing hot air if it already has freon?

Compressor not running?Heater control in heat position?

Why do your car jerk while driving when you run the air conditioner and when its not running?

the air conditioner shouldn't have anything to do with it. there could be a problem with your tires or your driving or your kid could be jumping on the seat

Why isn't the air flow stronger to cool down the car when using the air condiotioner?

I have a 1993 mark viii that just does not cool down the car when running the air conditioner

Can you get cool air from your car without running your air conditioner even on a hot day?

yes, if you drive and keep your windows open

Why would a car air conditioner start blowing warm air after running for several minutes?

Chances are your air conditioner is low or out of coolant. You can go to AutoZone, Napa, Advance Auto, or numerous other do it yourself car repair stores and have it checked out.

How can you tell if car air conditioner works when buying in winter?

how do you know if the air conditioner in your car works in the winter

Why does Car stumble with air conditioner on?

An air conditioner in a car uses quite a bit of power. It is not unusual for a car to hesitate when the AC comes on.

Is it OK for you air conditioner to be running while parked?

yes if someone is in the car to shut it off in case the car starts to vibrate(its bad if it vibrates)

How cold should the air be coming out of your car air conditioner?

In temp vs out temp should be about 18 degrees different if running top notch.

Can your car air conditioner kill you?

no but bellends can

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