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If you're sweating, you're releasing salt. If you're smoking meth, you've got far more serious problems than sweat.

2006-07-18 11:16:16
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Why does your sweat cause your face to burn when you exercise?

your sweat causes your face to burn because of the salt in it. the salt is what burns. it burns mostly because your pores are open more to let the sweat out and the salt gets in and burns.

What system secretes salt and water through sweat glands?

They are part of the excretory system. They are found in the dermis of the skin and have pores that lead out onto the surface of the skin.

What is sweat composed of?

Sweat is composed of salt and water

Why does your skin taste like salt after you work out?

It's because you sweat, and your sweat contains salt.

How can you get salt lines on your hat?

Salt lines on clothing are caused by the presence of sweat from your body. [Presuming you did not swim in salt water.] Sweat can be very salty. Your head does sweat too, and over time, salt lines can appear where sweat soaked into the hat and then dried.

Why does your skin taste salty after a workout?

there is some salt in your sweat and so when you sweat you will have some salt on your body

What do sweat glands excrete?

Sweat glands excrete sweat ( which is mostly salt and water).

The taste of sweat is salty why?

Because sweat is salt water!

What is sweat?

Salt and water

How do you get sweat stains out of shirts?

First let me answer how sweat is excreted. skin is mainly composed of three layers Epidermis,Dermis, and sub cutaneous tissue. > Sweat glands originating from subcutaneous tissue are responsible for releasing sweat. > Sweat mainly comprises water,sodium chloride(NaCl), potassium(K), urea(Nh2CONh2), bicarbonates(Hco3-), calcium(Ca), and excess amino acids. It is important to remember that sodium chloride is nothing but common salt. > In sweat, saltgets dissolved in water and during prespiration, the sweat containing salt passes through the pores of the shirt and shirt becomes wet. >After sometime, water gets evapourated and the salt gets settled on the shirt. > So whatever you see on shirt is the settled salt, and alsourea and if you taste, it is salty.

Are tears salt water?

Yes All your tears and sweat are salt water and then it is natural thing to cry out salt water Yes All your tears and sweat are salt water and then it is natural thing to cry out salt water Yes All your tears and sweat are salt water and then it is natural thing to cry out salt water

What is sweat made up of?

sweat is made up of water and salt

Why does sweat taste like salt?

its burns salt from your body

How do sweat glands help rid the body of waste?

Answer: what does sweat consist of? salt is salt a waste product? yes excess salt needs to be removed from the body how? mainly through the kidneys any other way? yes when we exercise we sweat/perspire therefore the sweat glands work to remove waste. salt is eliminated through perspiration that's why you have a salty taste when you sweat As your body excretes the sweat to cool you off from the sweat glands, toxins and wastes are carried by the blood and through the skin to the sweat glands, where they go out in the droplet of sweat.

Does the skin excrete salt?

no, it excretes sweat which contains a form of salt

Do you have salt on your hands?

Typically people do not have salt on their hands, though there is salt in our sweat and when are hands sweat the water evaporates and the salt remains leaving a grimy feeling. Simply washing hands can solve this problem.

Why is sweating important?

One reason why is because it gets rid of salt. It isn't healthy to have too much salt in your body, so when you sweat, sweat carries out some salt with it.

Is salt healthy for athletes if they sweat a lot?

Yes. Sweat is salty liquid that you let out when you exercise vigorously, so you deprive of it when you sweat. Eat healthy high salt foods after you exercise vigorously.

Why salt appear on body after sweating?

The salt is in the sweat. When the water evaporates it leave behind the salt.

Does homeostasis effect salt concentration?

homeostasis does have salt effect, when you sweat you lose water and salt

Why does sweat dry up white?


What do you lose when you sweat?

water, potassium and salt

What is in sweat and urine?

Water, Salt, and Urea

Is sweat salt?

No, but contain sodium chloride.

What chemical can be mixed with salt?

armpit sweat