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water, salt, and other waste products come out of your body when you sweat

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Urea and chlorides are excreted in sweat, as well as water and salt.

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Q: Two waste products sweat glands release?
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What are two waste products that sweat glands release?

Products that are released by sweat glands are water, salt, urea, uric acid and ammonia.

What are the two waste products that the sweat glands release?

one of them is excess waste and i dont know the other

What three waste products does the sweat glands get rid of?

Sweat Glands gets rid of water, salt, and other waste products

Which organ system gets rid of cellular waste products through sweat glands?

Sweat glands are part of the integumentary (skin) organ system.

What three waste products do sweat glands get rid of?

I'm not completely sure. I know sweat does! Haha! And so does salt... :D

How does the skin regulate body temperatures?

Sweat glands in the skin produce perspiration (mostly water), which evaporates and carries heat away from the body - see "latent heat of evaporation".

What is the function of the glands of the skin?

the sweat glands of the skin rid of sweat as waste product 2nd answer: The sweat glands excrete water onto the skin to help keep you cool.

How the skin removes waste materials from the body?

Some of the ways in which skin acts as a waste removal organ are: 1) Through shedding of dead skin cells - Every minute, the skin loses thousands of dead skin cells which are immediately replaced by new ones, this is one way of removing cellular waste material. 2) Through sweat - sweat contains many waste products such as salt, ammonia, uric acid and urea

What does the skin wastes the excretory system?

Your skin is apart of the excretory system because your skin contains sweat glands which is one of the ways to release a type of waste which is basically what the excretory system is all about.

How the sweat glands helps to cool the body?

Answer: what does sweat consist of? salt is salt a waste product? yes excess salt needs to be removed from the body how? mainly through the kidneys any other way? yes when we exercise we sweat/perspire therefore the sweat glands work to remove waste. salt is eliminated through perspiration that's why you have a salty taste when you sweat As your body excretes the sweat to cool you off from the sweat glands, toxins and wastes are carried by the blood and through the skin to the sweat glands, where they go out in the droplet of sweat.

What substances to sweat glands release?

Sweat glands generally release water, salts (mostly NaCl), and urea (a waste product of protein degradation in the liver). Sweat also contains small amounts of 2-methylphenol and 4-methylphenol (also known as o-cresol and p-cresol, respectively) which are responsible for much of the unpleasant odor.

What waste products are removed by the kidneys?

urine and sweat