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That depends. Some formal schooling is definitely needed by the individual in a modern society. One should be able to read and write coherently, and perform the four basic arithmetic functions. (add, subtract, multiply and divide.)

These basic skills will allow one to function at a satisfactory level.

Not everyone is suited to higher education. Nor should they be. If we had nothing but physicists in the population, we would be in sorry straits indeed. The population requires a myriad of skills in order to function. Where would we be without mechanics, cook, bus drivers, plumbers, electricians, builders, police officers, teachers, bell boys, beauticians, tailers, candle stick makers, etc just to name a few of the thousands of occupations that make up the work force?

There are some exceptional individuals who do very poorly in academic studies, but who have built a fortune in business. And who now hire PhD's when they need an answer to help them with a thorny question concerning their business.

The Beatles were all high school dropouts, but they followed their own star and entertained millions of people all over the world and made millions of pounds in the process.

Education is a grand thing, and if you're so inclined, go for it. Just remember, there's more than one way to skin a cat.

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Technicality not all countries have a good education . But not all encompass the education/s .

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Q: Does school education encompass ALL of education?
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