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Of these four choices, out current understanding of Europa (and remember, everything is subject to change in the light of more recent discoveries) indicates that Europa may have large liquid oceans under a layer of ice.

There are interesting surface features that appear to be large ridges; these might have been formed by cracks in the icy surface, and liquid or vapor escaping to the surface - and then freezing into ridges as the cracks close.

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What is the atmosphere of Venus' surface?

venus atmosphere is cloudy,and its are made of volcanoes and lava

How does volcanoes change the Earth's atmosphere?

it change the earth atmosphere when magma flashes out then the earth surface will be dusty

Do volcanoes have diamonds?

Diamonds are erupted to the earth's surface through volcanic pipes. These are flat at the earth's surface, with a cone originating deep underground. Volcanoes with cones of elevation that rise above the surface do not contain diamonds.

How are volcanoes and geysers related?

A geyser is an underground volcano with water on the surface of it. This water is then boiled by the magma.

Are there any giant volcanoes on Mercury?

There is a ring of volcanoes on the surface of the planet Mercury. Some scientists think that there may be lava flowing on Mercury at all times.

What are scientists who study the properties and movement of water on and below the Earth's surface and atmosphere?


How the volcanoes have changed the atmosphere and surface of the earth?

Volcanic eruptions caused plate movements that changed landforms.

How do volcanoes make igneous rock?

molten rock can either cool on the earths surface or underground the magma that is cooled eitther under or on the surface is called igneous

How do scientists hypothesize that volcanoes occur on Triton?

Scientists hypothesize Triton's surface is made up of frozen water and other materials, absorbs heat from the sun.

Are diamonds formed in volcanoes?

No. Diamonds form deep underground under immense heat and pressure. They are then carried to the surface by volcanic activity.

Where do most volcanoes occur on the earth's surface?

volcanoes occur along the plate boundaries of the 16 major plates on earth. most are found on the ocean floor near hot spots underground

Are there any precious stones that come out of a volcanoes?

Yes. Diamonds are associate with kimberlite volcanoes. In this case, though, the diamonds are not formed by the volcano. Diamonds form many miles underground, and the volcano brings them to the surface.

What is mercurys surface like?

craters,plains,and volcanoes. it is a dense planet and is a inner and rocky planet. it has no rings and no moons. it also has no atmosphere.

How many active volcanoes are on Earth's surface?

there is about 600 active volcanoes on the earths surface

How are plutonic and volcanic rocks formed?

Plutonic rocks are formed by magma hardening underground. Sometimes they get pushed up to the surface. Stone Mountain in Georgia is plutonic. Volcanic rock forms when lava hardens on the surface, not underground. Some volcanoes are built up in this way.

What are some surface features on Venus?

NASA's knowledge of Venus is limited. However, scientists do know that the surface is very smooth in many places. Despite this, the surface of Venus has plenty of volcanoes, canyons, mountains, and craters.

How big are the ice volcanoes on Neptune?

Neptune has no solid surface, so it has no volcanoes. However, it's moon, Triton, has geysers of liquid nitrogen that can shoot up to 5 miles into it's "atmosphere".

Are volcanoes made of rock?

A volcano is a part of the earth where there is so much heat underground that the rocks actually melt and are forced to the surface. Volcanoes are formed of the rock that solidifies as that molten rock cools down and hardens.

Where is geothermal energy found?

Geothermal energy is a found in underground reservoirs, but also rises to the Earth's surface in the form of volcanoes, hot springs, and geysers.

Is there evidence of volcanoes on Jupiter?

No, there is zero evidence of volcanoes on Jupiter. Jupiter does not have a solid surface like the earth, but instead possesses a very thick atmosphere that gradually transitions into a massive ocean of liquid hydrogen. Jupiter's moon, Io, however, does have volcanoes, which are active to this very day.There are no volcanoes on Jupiter. Jupiter is made up almost entirely of gas. It does not have a solid surface.

How come mountains don't turn out lava but volcanoes do?

Ordinary mountains do not have a "plumbing system" too deliver molten rock to the surface. Volcanoes are connected to a magma chamber a few miles underground, which in turn is connected to the mantle.

How do surface mining and underground mining differ?

Surface mining occurs close to the surface (less than a mile deep), while underground mining is underground.

How do geologists monitor volcanoes?

Geologists use tiltmeters and other instruments to detect slight surface changes in elevation and tilt caused by magma moving underground.

What are the significance of volcanoes in the earth's surface?

it is a meteorite made by a volcanoes

Is There numerous active volcanoes on the surface of mars?

The volcanoes are active