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From what I have read there is a chance of pregnancy, if you had sex just a short while ago, then try some emergency contraception pills which usually has an effect for 72 hours or more, however the effectiveness of the pill wears off over time.

Even if you take your penis out before ejaculating there is still a chance of pregnancy, the penis always has live semen on it

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Q: Does semen have the ability to swim if the man has ejaculation outside of the women and then after the few minutes wipes the semen on the inside of the woman and is the woman able to get pregnant this?
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Can ejaculation fluid on outside of the vagina get you pregnant?

no one knows they are still researching it

Can you get pregnant if the penis is not inserted all the way in and had withdrawal method?

You may get pregnant if ejaculation happens while penis is inside and during the fertilization period. However, if ejaculation happens outside or a condom is used then probability of getting pregnant is almost zero.

Can a 40 years Old Women get Pregnant if man ejaculates outside of her?

yes there is chances that she get pregnant. withdrawl of penis just before ejaculation is not effective method of contraception because some seminal fluid leaks before ejaculation

Can a girl get pregnant if she touches pre-ejaculation fluid and then like 10-15 minutes later touches the outside of her vagina and then puts her finger inside of her vagina but not too far?

Yup. @edit If this is the true story then no. Most pre-ejaculation fluid has no sperm in it. And even them sperm dies at a very fast rate in the open air.

If intercourse is done and semen is released outside on the stomach does the woman get pregnant?

Before the ejaculation, during the act of sex there is something called pre ejaculation fluid coming out from penis. Actually this is for lubrication purpose and to make the sex more pleasurable. This fluid may contain some sperms and there is a chance of woman getting pregnant even the semen is released outside the vagina.

Can you get a girl pregnant if you ejaculate outside of her and then clean up only using a tissue and NO urination and then 5 minutes later have unprotected sex for 2 minutes?

Yes. Any time that you have unprotected sex, even without ejaculation, it can result in pregnancy. There is semen in the clear fluid or "pre cum" emitted from the penis during and before sex.

Can you get pregnant if the guy has sperm on his finger and he touches you right outside your vagina?

probably not, you need the force of the ejaculation to get the sperm up the tubes within 5 min--but be more careful

Can you get pregnant if your partner was adjusting himself and then fingers you but touched the shaft of his penis?

You really can't get pregnant from pre-ejaculation, there is like a 1 to 100 ratio of it happening. I guess the only way you could get pregnant from that was if he had already finished outside of you and had gotten semen on his fingers and then fingered you. Even then, there's a very small chance you could get pregnant.

Is there any harm by ejaculation of sperm outside the body before 18?

No, it is perfectly harmless.

Can a girl get pregnant if sex had taken place a day after her last period day and the condom came off when the penis was removed and ejaculation took place outside of the vagina?

OF COURSE IT DOESNT MATTER YOU STILL HAD SEX That wasn't very helpful. It is unlikely that you would get pregnant immediately after your period and if ejaculation took place outside the vagina, but stranger things have happened, so get checked out. and take more care next time. stuoid ur not susposed to do that hope u like babies

Can dried sperm make a girl pregnant?

No sperm can only last about 20 minutes outside the vagina before dying off.

Can a girl get pregnant if you hardly pre-ejaculate on the outside and she still has her cherry. Even if she is on the lowest dose of birth control.?

Yes, you can still get pregnant even if there is a low pre-ejaculation. Being on a low dose of birth control gives you minimal protection against pregnancy. It only takes one semen to get a girl pregnant

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