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Q: Does splenda affect acute hep c?
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How does hep c affect creatinine levels?


Does Dilaudid affect hep c?

Dilaudid can affect people with hep C because it can affect liver function. With a liver already impaired by hepatitis, it may cause serious problems if not closely monitored.

Can you get hep c from another female?

I don't know how you can get hep c from another female? Could you please clarify what hep c is.

Can someone cook with hep c?

can you get hep c from someone who has it and cooks food for you

What medicines should you take to control hep c?

what medicine do you take for hep c

Is Hep C the herpes virus dormant?

No hun. Herpes and Hep C are different viruses.

What bodily organ can hepatitis affect?

Hep C affects the liver. Many people have hep c and don't even know it. It is transferred from blood to blood contact. Long term it can cause liver failure.

You were stabbed by a syringe that was used by someone infected with hep c will you get hep c?

It is definitely possible. Get checked out with a doctor.

Will doc prescribe pain meds if you have hep c?

Yes they do. Not everyone has received hep c from drug use.

Which hepatitis is dangerous b and c?

hep c

Can you have an epidural with hep c?


When should you start medicine for hep c?

when should you start takeing medicine for hep c whats the highest levels

How long does hep c vaccine last for?

There is no hep C vaccine. Please check your vaccination card and resubmit your question.

Where can you get help if you are in full detox and have Hep C?

If you are in full detox and have hep C you should call a crisis center in your area.

Can chickenpox virus cause hepatitis C or is it in any way related to hep c?

no its very so much diffrent hep c has nothing to do with it

Do you need hep A injection if you had hep B?

Yes, Hep A and Hep B are to different viruses. Each have their own series of injections to boost immunity. There is no Immunization for Hep C. Good luck.

How long does it take hep c to kill you untreated?

It takes about 10 years, if untreated, for Hep C to cause death in the person who has it.

Can you get hepatitis c when you were pricked by a syringe containing urine from a hepatitis c ptatient?

It is possible to contract Hep C by contact with any Hep C contaminated bodily fluid.

Can a person with Hep C take Clindamycin?

My dentist put me on clindamycin and I have hep c. He would not tell me if it would effect my hep c. I took it as directed but ended up stopping because it made me feel horrible, flaring up my hep c more than I could handle so I did not finish the script.

What Caesar Augustus's legacy?

Hep C

What effect does genital herpes have on hep c?

Nothing really, herpes and hep c are not related to each other. But if you happen to have hep c and a lowered immune system that could give you more freequent herpes break outs.

Hep c And platlets seed juice benefit?

Hep c And platelets seed juice has herbal dietary supplements which is very important in our bodies.

Why was hepatitis c patient told to stop drinking and avoid tranquilizers?

because alcohol and some drugs in tranqs can affect medication hep c patients take i think

DO vaccines exist for Hep C and HIV?

No they do not exist.

What age did pamela Anderson get hep c?