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No, but it might mean that she has a stomach virus, or she is starting her period.

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A girls stomach can hurt anytime. It doesn't mean she is pregnant OR on her period.

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Q: Does stomach pains mean a girl is pregnant?
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What does it mean if you had a short period and you now have stomach pains?

You are not pregnant. The pains could be caused by something you ate, etc.

What does it mean when you have really bad pains in your stomach when you are 4 months pregnant also the pains make you cry?

Go to a doctor.

Are you pregnant if you have stomach pains and nausea?

just because you have stomach pains and nausea, does not mean youre pregnant at all. though it is a symptom, it is but one. it could be any number of things. did you ever think that you could actually be sick? a more proper question you could have asked wouldve been, is it possible. the answer to that would be yes.

What does it mean when you have pains on your right side of your stomach an blood in your urine?

If you are a girl, it either means you have a problem with your bladder and your side, OR YOU GOT YOUR PERIOD! (Congratulations! (IF you got it.)) If you are a boy, I honestly don't know what to tell you. (Sorry!)

What can pains in the stomach after wine mean?

that you drank it too fast...

What could it mean to have lots of gas bloating lower back pain?

Type your answer here... if i have lower back pain and lower stomach pains and gassy alot does that mean i could be pregnant??

What does it mean if you dream you are being stabbed in the stomach and then in the hospitle the doctor says you are pregnant with a baby girl?


I wake up every morning with bad stomach pains in my lower stomach it feels like my stomach is tight. Could this mean I'm pregnant?

yes you could possibly be young one take 2 pregnancy tests and find out

If you are having serious pains in uor stomach that dont feel like cramps can that mean your pregnant?

Could be gas . Take a pregnancy test . That will take out the guess work .