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Subterranean does.

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Q: Does subterranean or submarine describe a underground passageway?
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How do you write a sentence with the word subterranean?

Subterranean is an adjective to describe something that is under the ground. Example sentence:The subterranean portion of the complex was far larger than what we could see of it above ground.

What is a subterranean cavern?

The word "subterranean" is superfluous by definition, but essentially a cavern is a large void in the rock. Normally the term is applied a bit loosely to refer to particularly long, natural caves with many large chambers and passages; but is sometimes used to describe very large, man-made, underground chambers.

If You drive a car Sail a boat Fly in a plane Ride a bike but how do you describe the act of travelling in a submarine?

you command a submarine

How can you describe Julilly from Underground to Canada?

she is nice and friendly

Is canaliculi a blood vessel?

No. This term is not used to describe blood vessels. A canaliculus is a passageway like that of the tears in the lacrimal apparatus in the eye.

What term is used to describe a wide strait or waterway between two landmasses and is generally deep enough to provide a passageway for vessels?

A Channel

Is submarine a proper noun?

No, the noun 'submarine' is a common noun, a general word for any underwater vessel.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, or thing; for example, Submarine Beach Road in Nome, AK.The word 'submarine' is also an adjective, a word used to describe a noun.

How will you describe puerto princesa underground river?

puerto prinsesa is the underground river where the rive is underground--!! i hope that dis will the reason why u failed in ur assignment--okszxxyy ba--..?

What word describes a cave?

'Spelunkian', from the Latin 'spelunca' = cave. Also 'hollow' 'deep' 'subterranean' 'huge' 'coastal' - it just depends on which property of a cave you are wanting to describe.

How is the word submarine used in a sentence?

A submarine is an underwater craft, or a word used to describe something that is under water. Here are a couple of sentences. The submarine moves with silent deliberation through the cold dark water. The submarine canyons posed problems when the search vessels began looking for the nuclear weapon that had been lost at sea.

How would you describe the texture of an igneous rock that formed extremely slowly underground?


How would you best describe the texture of an igneous rock that formed extremely slowly underground?


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