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This is a tongue twister.

And no.

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Q: Does that mean the guy who likes you know that the guy you like like you if he is always mean to the guy you like?
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What does it mean when your crush stares at you?

It means either they like you or he/she knows you like him/her and just want to know if your looking at him/her. I always stare when when I know a guy likes me... But that doesn't always mean I like them back.

How do you know when a guy is using you for sex or when he really likes you?

you know when ,like if he is always out then comes back to have sex ,or if you are always i mean like every day having sex and then he starts to act weird.

Thers a boy name Andres he always looks at you does that mean he likes you?

Its better to get to know Andres, than to jump to conclusions and say if his likes you or not. If he doesn't now, he might like you after he gets to know you.

How do you know if your boyfriend REALLY likes you...and Is it bad if your always the one saying 'I love You' to him.... Or does that mean he doesnt like you?

you know because he tell you everything and he trust you for you.:)

What does it mean when he tell his friends Did You Know She Likes Me?

he likes you he is just shock that you like him

How do you know if a boy likes you or your friend?

If he is always being mean to you or wanring to han

What do you do if a girl always looks at it mean she like you?

If at it you mean your manhood sword, then ya she likes you.

If a boy talks about you does that mean he likes you?

Not always. If it is excessive then they probably do like you.

If the boy that you like is always defending you from people that call you ugly dose that mean that he likes you?

it doesn't always mean that the boy likes you. it can also mean that he feels sorry for you and is only a friend. but most likely, its probably that he likes you.

Why does the guy who likes you always do something mean to the guy you like who likes you too?

hes jelious <3

What does it mean when this guy that likes you says he doesnt like you anymore yet he always talks to you?

Sounds like he likes you, but isn't sure if you like him. So he is pretending that he doesn't like you to try to find out if you like him. Or maybe he wants to be your friend. You never know!

What does it mean when a guy acts like he likes you then just kind of ignores you?

He likes you but wants to know if you like him too.

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